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  1. Some other 1-year masters programs that I know of are: McMaster's Global Health, UofT's MMI, and Brock's MPH.
  2. 1.) I think you definitely have a chance for Mac if you kill the CASPer (plus you have a Masters degree, so that gives you +1%). Perhaps UofT with their wGPA system, bringing your GPA up higher as well. 2.) You would have to be super interested in the particular undergrad program. 3.) Since you graduated from your undergrad already, I think some schools would be able to count the extra courses done outside of your degree as within your cGPA, whereas some schools actually won't. 4.) Depends on the reason - for example, if it's to boost GPA, check if the schools acknowledge thos
  3. I'm pretty sure that should be fine! Dal would only look at your first score, but other schools would be able to see both.
  4. Does anyone know how they rank the OOP students? Is it just based on the Maritimes Essay once you've met the academic and MCAT cutoffs outlined on the website? Are GPA and MCAT looked at competitively pre-interview? I'm aware they are assessed competitively post-interview.
  5. Has everyone received their ranking? I haven't yet.
  6. So does this mean they didn't evaluate the ABS at all, and it was solely based on wGPA and CASPer?
  7. This cycle's dates are out! "The interviews for the 2019 application cycle will be held on Saturday March 2 and Sunday March 3, 2019 in Thunder Bay and on Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, 2019 in Sudbury."
  8. On the website, it states that GPA calculations will be uploaded by the start of November. Does anyone know the exact date of when the OMSAS GPA calculations are uploaded? Thanks!
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