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  1. I am in my 5th year of a Biochemisty and Molecular Biology program with a minor in psychology. I first started this degree thinking I would want to go into medicine but after years of job shadowing and volunteering, I realized that a career in nursing is best suited for me. However, I've had a rough time in this degree and my gpa is very low. I have one more year left until I graduate and I'm sitting at a 2.00 (4.33 gpa scale). I don't know if there is even any hope of me getting into a nursing program (I'm not looking at the accelerated program either I really wouldn't mind doing another 3-4
  2. Thank you for answering! At the moment my transcript says I'm at about 2.04 GPA and by time I graduate I could possibly raise that to a 3.2. However that is taking the best mark from my repeated classes. When I calculate my overall GPA (with all courses passed and failed) I have a GPA of 1.92 by graduation I could possibly raise that to 2.6. These grades look absolutely terrible sometimes i wonder if i should even consider a career other than medicine. I have thought about masters degrees and I will apply next fall but it doesn't interest me as much as doing another undergrad degree in nu
  3. Hello Everyone! I am currently in my fifth year of a biochemistry and molecular biology degree (expected May 2018) and I have been a med school hopeful for as long as I can remember. My CV looks great except for my GPA. I have come to realize that by time I graduate it may not be high enough for any medical school to even take a look at my application. My plan B is to either enter BSc in nursing (UNBC) or possibly Bachelor of midwifery (UBC). These can lead to both wonderful careers with possibilities of further learning. However I have not given up on medicine just yet. I'm wondering if
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