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  1. Hey guys a colleague of mine failed LMCC 2 by 4 points, would it be worthwhile to ask for score recheck while registering for Spring LMCC II exam? Anyone has successful experience with score rechecks?
  2. Anyone billing FFS as GP hospitalist? The billing codes for GIM and FP-hospitalists for new consults are relatively the same: 220 vs 260 for comprehensive consult. I wonder if hourly rate is more the norm since a lot of patients have social issues, and their discharge gets prolonged? What are the working hours and job market like? Thanks a lot guys
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anyone has any information on the working conditions, job market and salary for GP hospitalist in Ontario? If anyone has any information or insight, please feel free to reply below or PM me Would extra year of training be required to work in a community hospital in suburbia or semi-rural? I wonder how much GP hospitalist have to pay as overhead, and the take home post-tax & overhead income? As FHO GPs make a decent living, I wonder if GP hospitalists are happy with their working conditions and pay given frequent calls? Thank you for your help
  4. Hey I have been using MCQEE part II question bank on Qbank, it is around 45$ for 1 month, but I think that it is well worth it given how much we paid for the actual exam.
  5. I think that Canadian medical schools favour Canadiam medical students for residency positions. However, as a US-trained medical student, you get to participate in first iteration of CaRMS and are considered for CMG positions (which IMGs don't have access to). If you want to do internal medicine in Canada, I would suggest doing electives in school that you are interested in and get LORs. As mentioned above, programs are not obliged to rank all applicants, they can leave the position open for second iteration if they haven't found a perfect fit for them. I think that it is much e
  6. Thanks much appreciated! If only they reimburse 100% CMPA fees for medical residents, one could only dream
  7. Sorry to revive an old thread. Anyone knows when is the CMPA reimbursement date (MLP) for October 2018? For Ontario medical residents who opt for the quarterly payment option. Thanks
  8. To see a good JVP on a heart failure patient, you would have to ask the medical students to come in to the hospital to examine the patient. You could imagine that it would be logistically difficult to arrange by your undergraduate office. You will definitely practice your physical exam skills in internal medicine, often, the staff would find a good patient, and demonstrate the interesting physical findings by the bedside.
  9. If you want to receive the maximum number of interviews for West Coast FM programs, I would advise do at least one FM elective at UBC, Alberta to show your willingness to move for residency. However, I didn't do any elective in the West, and got UBC FM interviews. It's totally up to you! If you do well in clerkship and has no red flags, matching to Ontario FM residency should be fairly easy!
  10. I think that renting would be a better idea, because you might end up not working in your city of residency, and paying mortgage + property taxes on your salary of R1 is not very feasible, you could always use your LOC and get your 20% down-payment waived by banks, but realistically, selling a house is a lot of work, just my two cents. Unless you are pretty sure that you will end up working in your city of residency, say you are in family medicine and psychiatry, and want to live in a house with your family, by all means, go for it!
  11. I have talked to quite a few Saudi residents training in different specialties, they have signed a legal contract with their country stating that they will return after residency+ fellowship, failure to do so will imply heavy financial penalty + and even more (legal??). I guess that there is a way going around the system, but my impression is that they are obliged to return to their country after training, and failure to do so will result in heavy consequences. They are not taking any CMG+ or IMG positions, as they are funded by their home country, those are the extra positions created e
  12. but the Saudi residents sign a contract with their countries, and go back to their home country right after their training. Their residency is funded by their country exclusively, by all means, they are like free labour for our Canadian hospitals. I don't think that they take any CMG spots to be honest.
  13. Thanks Ana, my friend's file is already referred to the registration committee, but he & she is appealing the remediation decision. Unfortunately, he & she already sent forward the remediation plan & renewal of PG license application, as advised by PGME to complete the application asap, that the renewal of PG license should not be delayed and never brought forward into the registration committee. I would advise my friend to contact CMPA, as he & she was never given due process for the remediation decision.
  14. You tend to see more pts in FM , usually q 10-15 min and the FHT/FHO models are attractive financially . You should compare after the overheads though as FM docs pay more overhead than specialists working in hospital
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