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  1. Is there any hope that the 10% tuition decrease will include medical school tuition?
  2. Sounds like a pretty great option compared to being umatched! I wonder if they'll shut down the program though once they reach their quota of 60 recruits...
  3. Would you mind saying (or PMing) the city/branch gave you the Momentum Infinite? I'd really like that card too
  4. Does anybody know if all the deposit options (check, bank draft, money order) require us to drop it off to admissions in London or is there a way to submit the payment remotely? Mailing $1000 deposit makes me nervous too haha
  5. These are the forms from last year (they may have changed for our year) that I'm also using as a guide for the required documentation. http://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/undergraduate/docs/admissions/Req_Doc_Requirements_Checklist.pdf https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/undergraduate/docs/admissions/Req_Doc_PreClinical_Placement_Information.pdf http://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/undergraduate/docs/admissions/Req_Doc_Questions_Answers.pdf
  6. If you've always lived in Ontario (even though you were a student that entire time), I believe you are eligible for OSAP (see this link https://www.ontario.ca/faq/whos-considered-ontario-resident-osap-purposes ) I'd also call OSAP and explain your specific situation, they're very helpful P.S. Congrats on your citizenship and acceptance!!!
  7. Result: Waitlisted Time Stamp: 8:35 am cGPA: 3.79 Year: Graduated BSc in 2016 CARS: 127 Interviews: This was my third and strongest interview Geography: IP Will be withdrawing from the waitlist and accepting my offer for Western! Good luck all
  8. Result: Waitlisted Time Stamp: 9:37 am wGPA: 3.89 Year: Graduated BSc in 2016 MCAT: 515 ECs: PM me if you'd like! Interviews: I felt really good Geography: IP Will be accepting Western's offer. Good luck to those who are waitlisted!
  9. Result: Accepted!!! (Campus unspecified; preference London) Timestamp: 12:18 pm wGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 515 Interview: Felt pretty decent, a few hiccups here or there Year: Graduated BSc in 2016 Geography: SWOMEN It still hasn't sunken in... this doesn't feel real! Will be accepting
  10. Some good information in last year's discussion: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/89924-any-questions-about-mcmaster-in-general-or-the-niagara-regional-campus/?hl=campus
  11. Slight tangent... but has everyone already received the email asking to rank the campuses?
  12. Reaching out to anybody who would be interested in practicing MMIs over skype once or twice this week for the April interview! Gotta keep that MMI game strong :]
  13. I would replace MICB201 (enviro microbi) with MICB202 (Introductory medical microbiology and immunology) on your list. MICB201 imo, was a bit tedious and had a more ecosystem/industry focus. MICB202 on the other hand was very fascinating, it examined how different types of pathogens infect the human body and the process of the consequent immunological response. Also Tracy Kion is a great prof!
  14. Got the call for an interview so I was one of the lucky few to get accepted off the wait-list (didn't even know I was on it... I thought I was completely rejected)!! Completely unexpected and very grateful Result: Invite Date stamp: Feb 22 Interview Date: Mar 26 wGPA: 3.89 Year: Graduated last year MCAT: 129/127/128/131 ECs: average; wet lab and clinical research, community volunteering
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