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  1. I hated Axium. I went to Detroit Mercy and they had it there too. Too clunky, out-dated and cluttered.
  2. When the owner's spouse works in the office especially as the office manager or front desk or co-owner dentist. Run far, far away and never take that associateship job. Nothing good ever comes out of that. Seen way too many horror stories with that arrangement. It's like having 2 sets of hyper-critical eyes and 2 people absolutely unshakable in their desire to screw you over as the associate, and that's not even counting the DAs and staff! Better to work at a corp than be with this arrangement. RUN! Or just any form of nepotism in the office (i.e. family members and close friends o
  3. Practicing in small towns is the way to go as a dentist. Relatively stress-free. My career would suffer if I were to go to a bigger city. No way am I doing hygiene work and working evenings/weekends.
  4. I've heard similar horror stories about associateship in Vancouver. Vancouver, it isn't uncommon for associates to do hygiene and have an empty schedule. F that. I've interviewed several places in Vancouver and turned them all down. I don't think you can find a decent associateship there. Also, I was thinking of trying out Calgary but I think it's pretty bad there too.
  5. The pandemic should be the catalyst to abolish the unethical and useless live patient board exam.
  6. Yes, that's the one I was confusing it with. Now that I remember, I did explain to them what a TN visa is but they still were reluctant. I only interviewed at 2 places before deciding to move back to Canada. I know friends of mine that were able to get jobs in the US under a TN visa, so it is possible. And the ones who did offer the H1B sponsorship were usually the shady corporation jobs that I wanted no part of. It's a red flag that they were desperate to hire foreigners when no American would want to take that job.
  7. I went to a US dental school and graduated in 2016. Took both US and Canadian boards. I think it would be way easier to take US boards if you're already attending an American dental school because it would be easier to find patients when you're already in USA school. As a Canadian, I don't know how you would find patients (maybe advertise via craiglist???). I was initially thinking of practicing in US after graduation but from the limited interviews I had they weren't willing to sponsor TN visa. Or the ones who did want to sponsor were usually shady corporations which I wanted to av
  8. I always try to pick associateship positions that benefits me politically to be there. For instance, one part-time office I work at, the owner doesn't do any endos but I do them. That's a great reason to keep an associate if they can do a procedure that owner does not do. Another office I work at is a small corporation where me and the other dentist I work with do not own the practice. Neither one of us is signing the staff's paycheques, so staff doesn't feel like they're fiercely loyal to one side. We both get treated fairly equally. So, that is a huge political benefit for me to work t
  9. Agreed 100% with this. I am reminded of that popular saying on DentalTown: "Dentists eat their young". It's so true. I've been practicing for 5 years now and I've definitely noticed this "assholeish" vibe between dentists (i.e. quick to throw others under the bus, bad-mouth, poach patients, etc). It's sad and doesn't have to be that way. I imagine it's way worse in saturated markets.
  10. Anyone know what associateships are like in Calgary? Or Edmonton? Are they as bad as Toronto or Vancouver? Do they have to do hygiene? That's the worst btw. Doing a shitty associateship where you're basically a "glorified hygienist ".
  11. Really?? I've never heard of dentists 3-5 years out reluctant to do crowns. They are truly bread and butter. Root canals, especially if they're molars, many general dentists don't do them.
  12. I've also noticed many job ads for associateships they want people with at least 3-5 years experience. So, that tells you the owner has had bad experience with new grads in that they're unprepared. But then again, people with experience tend to realize most associateships suck, so they go out and buy their own office. Congrats to getting into dental school!
  13. I think longer than that these days. It seems alot of schools are reducing requirements. I would say 5ish years.
  14. I went to a US dental school and graduated in 2016. Mine wasn't technically a loan but a line of credit that I had to require a co-signer for (my parents).
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