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  1. lol i know what u mean but a lot rides on these and im tired of being uncertain with future.
  2. no.. but titles of threads like this put my hope up for nothing.
  3. Love this. Some times you need to hear it from some one else to make sure you arent going nuts lol. Thanks for your time commenting
  4. This is more of a stupid question that is not really a deal breaker, but I am very curious and your contribution can help. From experience, is it common seeing mature/older students in pharmacy school? I have heard of great inspirational stories from those in med school and dentistry about how there are many older students that enter the school at a later age or how the average age is increasing. I am asking because, truthfully, pharm wasn't my #1 option although I have started with wanting to do pharmacy as a kid from family influence. But I wanted to look more into med/dent based on
  5. The title of this thread got my hopes up I am in the same boat constantly refreshing my email now that its been a month. But having wrote in November, I know it takes longer than a month for sure. The website says up to 8 weeks for results to come out. But I think the trend seems to be around 5-6 weeks, so I haven't totally lost it yet lol.
  6. Would it help to take a quick glance at the questions before starting to read on tomorrow's dat to see if the question types will help with S+D? I feel like with S+D my strategy is different than when doing BC exams and stuff lol.
  7. What was your general time breakdown allotted to reading the passage and to answering questions per each passage? Especially since you mentioned writing keywords down and even going back to exact locations for and answering questions. It seems like a lot of time. Did you attempt to read slowly remember everything, or did you read quickly for the main idea and to locate topics when coming back later? I have been trying a similar method for awhile but I am still going over time because I still feel like I have to go back and re-read for the questions I am answering. Most questions that seem
  8. Any chance it would go down below 18 or if the writers this year would be compared to an equal scale as the year before? Scale of Nov 2015 seemed a bit more better than 2016 so I am curious how its looked at. If all they compare is the number between 1-30 only then nvm lol.
  9. Thank you for your reply! I really do agree with what you said. I was wondering, with the time left till the re-write, would you spend more time doing RC passages (even from diff. admission tests) that would have questions to test you as a form of practice, or would you try to include also in there just leisure reading (e.g. scientific articles) to train the mind? I always feel like that is good, but doesnt get to the solution when time is short. I can always try to incorporate both but would like to hear opinions.
  10. I wrote my DAT for the first time in Nov 2016 and was not happy following the results. I would really appreciate any updated advice or anything from those successful, especially following Nov 2016. I studied for this exam for 1.5 months so I knew for sure my preparation lacked good practice in RC and PAT. I am re-writing in Feb and really need some help going forward as I am feeling lost. My scores were: 21 Chem, 21 Bio, 17 RC, 18 PAT I did not give PAT much time so I think I have to do much more practice to get it up, but I was expecting much worse. My main huge concern has alw
  11. i joined this forum a little late. i applied to uwo for my first time and according to this i realized i misunderstood this section. i listed all activities from after highschool as i thought that is what it wanted. anyone with experience in having to call in to correct something? not gonna lie i feel like i ruined my chances already messing up this part of the app. I plan to call them monday morning, but i want to know my consequences already!
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