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  1. I got mine on Friday and I received an email last Wednesday saying that my student number was going to be given in the next few days. Have you received any emails like that? They also said that people would receive their student numbers at different points. The personal information form is due July 3 so I would message them about your student number if you don't hear anything by the end of the week!
  2. I was emailed the forms when I called the SHS and made my appointment
  3. The UofA program is 16 months whereas the McMaster program is 10-11 months so I would miss the next application cycle with UofA but gain residency in 2 years. I think that only counts for students who are on a study permit as an international student but I definitely will be looking more into that. I didn't have to do the GRE for either of these programs. I was fortunately enough to have been able to do a lot of undergraduate research so I used my supervisors as references and I'm at an 89% for grades. I think for UofA you need 1 academic reference and 2 work and for McMaster they prefer
  4. I could really use some advice!! I was recently accepted into both the UofA MPH Global Health program as well as the McMaster MSc Global Health program. I am wondering if anyone can offer insight into both of these programs. I know that UofA is one of the (if not the) best programs in Canada in this field. I have also heard great things about the McMaster program from friends who have completed it and I was also offered a Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000). Just wondering what program may be best long term for medicine. If I go with UofA I will get IP resident status after 1
  5. Hey all, Has anyone else out there applied to the UofA MPH program this year? Website said we were supposed to hear by mid April and I still haven't heart anything ... thinking that's a bad sign
  6. Just wondering if you ended up taking TPR CARS Accelerator? I'm just looking into it now and can't find any reviews.
  7. TIME STAMP: Monday, 5:10 Interview Invite: Regrets Early/Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 88.79 MCAT: 127/126/128/127 ECs: Lots of research (coop and honours), tutoring 3 years, ambassador on campus for 2 years, student union positions, month abroad volunteering, lots of shorter term (6 months) commitments Year: BSc 2016 Geography: IP NAQ: 18.29 AQ: 29.11 TFR: 47.40 First time applying and was brutally honest with my hours (to the low side). Really disappointed but going to finish a masters and try again. A few questions: 1. What is the best way for me to get m
  8. Maybe they're delayed logistically due to the weather last week .. not sure if UBC shut down at all. Either that or they're having their office holiday party with this thread in the background
  9. Yah there was only one day of regrets last year but in 2 different waves - about 12:30 and 3:30 PST I think
  10. I think one early afternoon then one around 3pm... I think/hope all regrets will go out today.
  11. I think I was just expecting a larger jump with them getting rid of the pre reqs!
  12. I thought there would've been a higher number of applicants! A lot more disqualified and partial reviews than previous years. Did they do 2 waves of regrets last year?
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