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  1. can anyone confirm whether rejections were sent out recently (anytime after the initial rejection wave)
  2. Well, if not this week, I'm thinking there will be a tsunami wave next week.
  3. Yeah, surely there should be something this week, unless there is a delay due to the interview weekend that just past.
  4. Our team here at premedbreakfast is working hard to provide you with update accurate forecasting. We have made many adjustments to our wave-predicting formulas and further predictions will be announced shortly. Keep on refreshing, premedbreakfast team
  5. I confirm this prediction. I too have been sensing another wave that is within reach, either tomorrow or after tomorrow.
  6. I'm pretty sure its 6 people according to info published by uft a few years ago.
  7. They are 100% on Tuesday according to admissions office
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