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  1. Congrats on getting invited, I noticed you apply as a third year undergrad, but i thought they required a full 120 credit degree before applying? if they don't then i would consider applying next year. Thank you and good luck.
  2. Hey, if i retake one of my classes would they take the higher grade when calculating the uaa avg and would the lower grade disappear from my transcript ? thanks
  3. So 85% which is an A is a 4.0 GPA at mcgill and at Concordia 85% is an A but that's a 3.9 GPA ?? I'm just trying to get the highest grades possible in the prerequisites and the program that I will choose which I'm not sure what to take yet.
  4. Hey, I'm trying to transfer uni to either McGill or Concordia. I got accepted to both to continue my undergrad, but not sure which to go to. Can anyone help me and tell me which is better and why ? Thanks.
  5. Hey, If i decide to apply without the mcat, will my chances be lower compared to the people who applied with it ? or will it make no difference ? Thanks.
  6. I wanted to clarify that i'm getting my degree also from another province , which i'm assuming it wont make any difference and would make me an IP applicant.
  7. hello, Am i considered an IP applicant if i was born in Montreal but later moved to another province when i was in grade 4 or am i considered OPP. Thank you.
  8. Hey, I graduated High school in Alberta but I'm currently a 3rd year student at the U of S and planning on getting my Degree from here. I was wondering when I apply to med school at the U of S, Would I Be Considered an OOP Applicant because I'm from Alberta or would I be considered an IP Applicant because I got my degree here? Thanks in advanced.
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