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  1. I do game but I play things like League and CSGO so haven't heard much music - is there any music you recommend to try first? Seems like an interesting idea to be honest
  2. I think I have the choice to take the course first year if I get a level 5 or higher (level 5 is 84-92) anything less than a level 5 results in me be unable to use it for university. I don't think I'd be forced to take a higher level course and I spoke with the IB Coordinator at my school who said he'll contact the university after I write my exam (in July) so I can find out in September if I am able to use it as part of my GPA
  3. So I'm going into my undergrad next year and am going to be taking all first year courses even though I have the opportunity to not take Year 1 Chemistry because of the IB chemistry credit im completing I was just wondering if I could take year 1 chemistry and then depending on which is the higher mark use that for my GPA? It's a weird question but going in knowing I have a high mark feels a lot better Thanks for any help!
  4. I think he means just a rap beat but I'm not sure tbh
  5. Honestly, I am capable of learning with music and am still in high school so these marks are likely not that impressive but managed to get an overall average of about 90 last semester while listening to music (Courses were Advanced Functions, English, Data Management and Chemistry). But, I know I can learn BETTER without music - I am able to focus semi-well with music because when music is not playing I am 100% concentrated and I know I can do better I can work at the library or a coffee shop however because of the neighborhood I live in (Not the best area) they're all pretty loud and
  6. That was how I felt about classical, it was too boring. I'm gonna try the instrumental hip hop off Spotify I think someone else suggested too cause it seems like a nice choice I was considering instrumental music because it actually is pretty loud where I live - I don't want to deal with listening to a TV blasting near me while my families laughing and yelling at one another all while I'm trying to get my mind on some biology concept or whatever
  7. Yeah I know some people do this, the white noise one but I tried it and it wasn't for me Yeah I just can't find a kind that I can enjoy - classical is just not my type
  8. I'm gonna try the piano thing you were talking about because the lyrics can sometimes "shield" my mind and I'll be studying but the content won't be coming in but rather the lyrics
  9. Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows any kind of music that helps with focusing I know it's an odd request but I currently just play a Hip Hop song and just let youtube lead me to whatever on auto-play but this can be distracting cause of the lyrics while I'm writing Does anyone have any music they listen to, so that they can focus more while studying? I live in a loud place so the hip hop actually is an upgrade to no music but it's not ideal
  10. Just was wondering what were the major differences people found from transitioning between high school to university; just asking cause I'm curious and want to hear some ideas
  11. I liked how you laid out the schedule and appreciate the sample you provided, what program are you using for this because a schedule would definitely help me be more focused and on task. Also in regards to the gym thing, I'm trying to start that myself because I read somewhere a while ago that a healthy body = healthy mind so while being fit is a good thing on its own, having the academic boost would definitely be great too Once again thanks a lot for the sample you gave me, I really appreciate it
  12. Hi, I was just wondering what the average timetable for a premed student looks like for actual classes in terms of taken in the university I ask because I'm considering my options and while one of my options requires 3 hours of commute in total if the scheduling of programs is fairly reasonable it would be worth attending. In terms of programs, I'm asking about Biology/Life Science programs (specifically Biomedical Science @ York and Ryerson) Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, I got an offer for Biomedical Science at York and am considering taking it but was just wondering if anyone had an idea what the average time table looks like and if there is any sort of research opportunities which I may gain from going to York Thanks
  14. Posting from the patient side, when I go to the doctors I understand that when the doctor's speaking to me they're not trying to be offensive or anything, they're just trying to convey the information in a way that I'll understand. I'm still in high school so I'm not sure how you would take my opinion but, I think belly works fine as most people understand the doctor is not attempting to insult you but rather help you with any problems you might be facing
  15. So I have a chromebook that I use for school currently (12th grade) and I Just wanted to know if it would be fine for a biomed program (at York or Ryerson for example) because getting another laptop is quite expensive. I do have access to a Windows PC at home which I can access through the Remote Desktop App (allowing me to use the Windows OS on my Chromebook) I just wanted to get the input of others before I decide whether or not it's worth investing in a new laptop Thanks
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