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  1. Great post! I can vouch for Refresh Inn as staying there makes for a very stress-free experience in a new city. Well maintained lounge with a nice free breakfast and wifi. There are a variety of food options within walking distance on the corner of Cumberland and College, great for dinner/lunch. The only thing I'll add is that, when you arrive on-site, the Med Admissions team can take all the items you have brought with you and store them away safely upon sign in. Therefore feel to wear a big jacket and some fat ski pants over your dress pants to protect you from the cold. You can
  2. I had to request for confirmation that they received it via email, and they got back to me saying they had received it. I sent mine in via Canada Post and saw it was delivered last week. As long as you wrote the right address and that the delivery was received, chances are it is in safe hands! I was also quite concerned about it.
  3. Hi all! I am a standard OOP applicant and was ACCEPTED into U of S Saskatoon campus this morning. I will be taking the offer. Honestly thought the MMI could not have gone any worse upon leaving, but maybe I just have too high expectations for myself. Regardless, I made sure to show my own personality and answer as confidently as I could. Looking forward to meeting all my new classmates in August!
  4. Two out of three of my references had their phone call around the first week of April. I'm an OOP applicant. Hard to say whether being contacted is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's just good to be considered at this point, haha!
  5. Holy smokes, the OOP MCAT cutoff is insane! Got waitlisted. Need to beat 99% total score, 98% CARS to interview this year. Insane!
  6. Out of province? I'm unsure, but I believe those invited for interviews from OOP has MCAT scores over 98.5th percentile. I believe 95th percentile is too low.
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