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  1. Also received regrets a few mins ago but have accepted IP offer- this thread was super cool and useful- thanks to everyone who contributed and for those who worked for intel on the process - I've posted in the invite thread for those interested- take care!
  2. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: March 27th wGPA: unsure if it was applied, if not ~3.8 Year: MSc complete (2 first author pubs, several 2nd/co-author pubs, several conference presentations) MCAT: > cutoffs EC's: varied with decent amount of university and medical stuff Essays: Spent decent amount of time on them- felt they were strong Geography: OOP I've accepted an offer from my IP school and that was #1 anyway = congrats to all invited and keep pushing forward to everyone else- don't give in to time or anything else if this is what you want to do- ~best wishes
  3. I hope this process ends for us all today or tomorrow
  4. fair enough: probably comparisons are still an issue given bias, unless you had some independent party compare rejected versus invited apps but I think we are all getting into the weeds here- basically I would just caution against this idea of luck at least when talking about getting an interview or getting in at hands of adcom- luck is not significant- hard work and more importantly, end results are
  5. There is some degree of luck involved in the process in Canada but that usually relates to where you live i would say- there is limited luck elsewhere- you can't take 4.0/525 rejection anecdotes and take anything from it- for one its an anecdote and two you aren't considering how other parts of an app may suffer as marks and gpa hit those levels (*in some cases not all*=accounting for those rejections at a 'mark-based school')- at the same time with the EC thing- particularly trying to compare strength of files-thats impossible- there is tons of detail that a person may not disclose publicly b
  6. Based on all available evidence (the only thing we should go on) there is no reason to believe that only regrets await. Furthermore there is a decently high number posting here who remain- when you multiply by whatever factor is appropriate (to adjust for no post/no forum activity), that number likely exceeds whatever number are on a reserve list. Again, all of this as well as the postings re admissions call leave no basis for thinking there won't be more invites or even a "wave" based on admissions language during call.
  7. Nothing yet for me either - this week will be interesting!
  8. of course there is still hope- no one on here actually knows anything ^^
  9. but if you're counting this as a wave aren't we still one less than recent years? I mean its possible that the remaining are reserves or rejections but I would say they still aren't done review- tomorrow and friday will provide more clarity- at that point its more reasonable to assume the waves are done
  10. Yep- thinking exact same thing. I'm not saying my chances are great but I'm from the east coast and wouldn't expect to be given 5 days notice..
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