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  1. Does anyone know if U of C or U of A requires a return to service as a CMG?
  2. What was your interview score? I gained acceptance with ~82% average and 512 MCAT. Having a higher MCAT won’t hurt you, but if you’re already gaining interview invites you may want to focus your attention to this portion of your application.
  3. Just wondering, where did you learn all the practical/business side of family practice? Was this just through experience or did you access some more formal education regarding this topic? I feel like the numbers you are quoting in terms of billing and hours worked seem out of the ordinary.
  4. LOL. Did you just compare yourself to Jesus? This is an obvious troll but also hilarious. Well done. If not, that’s unfortunate for you.
  5. Yea not worth it. Personally, I work throughout the year which is beneficial financially for me but can’t say just keep a license for the sake of it will benefit you any. Especially with no clinical experience I imagine it would be more difficult to find work.
  6. Congratulations!! I remember seeing your rejection pre interview last year and feeling really disappointed for you. I’m so happy that you were able to gain an acceptance this year. Good luck with everything!
  7. Usually you will get 3-4 weeks vacation in December. I think finals ended early December maybe around the 12th? In the spring, we ended around April 25/26th. Flex is for 6 weeks following that.
  8. Depends on how much time you need to spend studying and how familiar you are with the material. No one can gauge how well you will be able to handle it better than you. I worked 16 hours a week during the semester and it was fine. Other people need that time to study or do other things. Totally individual. Do what you feel is right and if it’s not right you can always change it.
  9. Depends on what for. Lexicomp I use frequently for most dosing. For antibiotic prescribing there are several - I prefer spectrum which was created in BC (free), but also use bugs and drugs and Sanford.
  10. This would absolutely fit under diversity of experiences. It is left completely open. It also has everything to do with empathy when you pass judgment on their experiences and use sarcastic comments to invalidate their experience. News flash: Any difficult experiences that have deeply changed a persons perspective/character will 100% affect your practice as a physician. It’s fine if you wouldn’t include it for personal reasons. To say these experiences haven’t shaped OP (when they explicitly say it has) and would provide no benefit to becoming a physician is flat out wrong. The section i
  11. While there may be other experiences that you perceive as more of a hardship, you should never underestimate the value of putting yourself in another person’s shoes. I’m unsure of what stage of life you are at, but for a moment, try to imagine what it’s like to lose a family member and also support someone through tremendous grief. Each day can be a struggle to just do the basic daily activities and it takes a lot of perseverance and empathy to come out on top. As a future clinician, I hope you can do the work to think a few more steps ahead in what other people’s struggles are and leave
  12. So there is no customer acquisition bonus for people who do not have Scotia accounts?
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