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  1. Not sure if they do, I will say that Queens’ deadline for acceptance is 1 day earlier than other schools (27th), so maybe they will release a day earlier, possibly before other decisions are required
  2. Just declined my offer, best of luck to those on the waitlist!
  3. Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 14th cGPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ ECs: Well-rounded, PM if curious Geography: IP Interview: MMI felt very odd, interviewers seemed so stone-faced that it threw me off a bit. Panel was incredibly warm. Loved every minute of the interview day, the medical students were amazing. Year: UG Will be accepting
  4. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ Degree: UG E.C: Filled up completely, included a few hobbies and smaller activities to show breadth Interview: MMI felt really solid, the panel felt very structured. Interviewers were very kind, as were the medical students Will be declining
  5. Status: Accepted to Regina (2nd choice) Timestamp: May 15th Geography: OOP Year: UG MCAT: 520+  GPA: >85% Very challenging MMI, probably the hardest out of my interviews - some very unexpected and quirky questions Will be declining
  6. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 3.95+ (calculated by UCAN) MCAT: 520+ (130+ CARS) Degree : UG EC: Very well-rounded, PM if curious Interview: First interview, but I really loved their interview style. Got a very good feeling from the school overall and would've been happy to attend Will be declining
  7. Result: Accepted Stream: English Time-stamp: May 14th wGPA: 3.90+ CASPer: Winged it, practiced only formatting Interview: Thought I bombed this one, my interviewers were incredibly harsh and seemed to want to test me alot Year: UG Geography: IP Will be declining
  8. Result: Accepted Time-stamp: May 14th cGPA: 3.95+ CARS: 130+ CASPer: Winged it, I just practiced my formatting MMI: Prepped quite a bit, many of my interviews were MMI-centric Year: UG Geography: IP Will be declining
  9. Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 14th GPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ ECs: Well-rounded, PM if curious Essays: Very last minute Interview: Easiest interview out of any medical school, feels like they are just screening for baseline human decency. Year: UG Geography: IP Will be declining
  10. OOP waitlist Timestamp: May 9 GPA: 3.95+ MCAT: 520+ Will be declining
  11. As long as you didn't really mess up CASPer you'll get an interview
  12. Also rejected OOP, for reference: GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 521+ Maritime Essay: Pretty strong, have a tangible connection, guess it wasn't enough though EC's: solid, but doesn't matter since all they care about is the Maritime essay
  13. Kaplan B/B was overkill. I think EK is all you need to do well on the MCAT - it is all I used.
  14. I talked about a serious illness of a close family member and how it made me want to become a physician. I really don’t think you should mention anything trivial here
  15. On their website they state they utilize the confidential assessment form, given as part of the referee request - not sure about the letter though
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