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  1. maybe one of your verifiers didn't check out properly?????
  2. I know majority of verifiers are emailed, but are they called as well? Or is that something they do if the verifier cant be reached through email? Hard to put down the number (or not appropriate to ask for a personal number, or language barrier) of some of my verifiers.
  3. hey! i want to study for the MCAT next summer, but i want to get an idea on how long to study for. I finish uni end of April and restart September but i feel like if i write it end of august i'll go mad and burn out. any opinions/advice? thanks!
  4. hey! ive just started to look into Western now (only looked at UBC), and im wondering approx how many seats are offered to OOP? also the site says a 3.7 GPA for OOP students, but i feel as if it should be higher?? any input or advice on where to look would be appreciated! thanks
  5. is there any US schools with NO PRE REQS? thanks!
  6. thank you guys so much for all your input!!!! i really appreciate it! on a side note, what books did you guys have help prepare? also do you recommend buying them second hand? lol sorry im so annoying
  7. wow okay finally someone who i can relate to. how did you find it? taking the course instead of in class physics? did you still do okay? or would you recommend taking it in class? did you take physics 12? sorry for all the questions im just so lost haha
  8. The reason i ask about the prep courses is because i haven't taken Physics 101 (at ubc) and i really don't wanna waste my time, money and ding my GPA just for a couple questions on the MCAT... i guess ill realized how fcked i am once i start to study.. sigh
  9. im looking into cracking open the MCAT book this summer and was wondering how long you guys studied for? all summer? how many hours a day? any help or pointers to get me on the right track would be helpful! thanks
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