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  1. Thank you very much Malkynn, your detailed response really helped me to make a decision on which university was best for me. I appreciate you taking the time to write everything up!
  2. I don't think increasing the spots will be detrimental for Ontario, especially as the province's population continues to grow. I would be a little concerned, however, about the university's facilities managing the larger number of students, especially over the next couple of years. There are sure to be growing pains as they renovate the building and try to expand.
  3. May I ask which ScotiaBank was offering you the "prime - 0.5" rate? The Scotiabank at UBC was offering Prime - 0.25; I've already signed the papers, so I doubt I can still negotiate....
  4. Thanks for the reply; congrats to you on the amazing performance! The marks seem a bit higher than this past November's exam, which is good for you guys!
  5. Based off the score scale, how many people got a 30 or 29 Science average? Just curious when compared to the November DAT
  6. So, given the information, would this sway anyone's decision towards UT instead of UBC?
  7. Agreed, but this nonetheless means that UT will have outstanding facilities in the near future. This only makes my decision all the more difficult!
  8. They said, because $11 million is coming from the government, that the majority of the renovations must be complete by the Spring of 2018.
  9. I found it at this link (a magazine): https://issuu.com/facultyofdentistry_uoft/docs/uoft_dentistry_winter-spring_2017
  10. I really like your response and your way of thinking. I'd like to ask if you had the chance to choose between different schools when you applied and, if so, how did you go about making the decision? Did you primarily focus on family/city/cost? I'd be curious to know how you (or others) went about making a decision on which school to attend.
  11. I thought the exact same thing! I was a little disappointed with UT's facilities, especially when compared to UBC's newer building; however, I read yesterday that UT will be spending $30 million in upgrades that will include the clinic (slated for completion in Spring of 2018). For me, neither tuition nor the city are big factors. I also understand that each dental school in Canada is outstanding, but to me that doesn't eliminate the status of each school in the public's eye. I would say that, worldwide, UT certainly has more pull. With that said, I've read repeatedly that school reputatio
  12. I was hoping to hear from the community (pre-dents, currents students, etc.) what their thoughts are on these two universities. Every year we seem to see a comparison on this forum between UWO and UT, but I haven't found anything that really provides an in depth comparison of UT with other schools, like UBC. Because opinions on the city, lifestyle, and costs will vary from person to person, I would prefer to hear more about other aspects, like the teaching staff, facilities, name recognition, research opportunities, etc. I know that UBC's dental program ranked higher this year but, overall
  13. Selling: Everything you need to ace the DAT and interview process! Using the textbooks below, I was able to score the highest Academic Average on my test date for the Canadian DAT! DAT: · I’m currently selling Dr. Jim Romano’s DAT Destroyer (2016 Version) and his General Chemistry Destroyer. Both are very recent editions and are in excellent condition (DAT Destroyer near mint; General Chemistry Destroyer has negligible water damage on cover/bottom). · Kaplan DAT – 8th Edition: This book is excellent if one wants to build the groundwork for the DAT. The book is in good
  14. Hi, I used Ty Jacob's, but found them to be far too excessive. I would recommend first using RussellD notes (pretty basic and a good overview) followed by Feralis (more extensive than Russell but nonetheless manageable). Using these resources, I was able to get a 30 in Bio. I'm sure you can do it too!
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