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  1. Same here, good run guys and better luck next year! People who got rejected from the waitlist, do you mind sharing your interview score?
  2. Nothing either. Seems like IMP and VFMP sites are full or close to full since both OOP and IP waitlisters are getting offers to their 3rd choice site SMP since last round
  3. I'm also on the waitlist and can only speculate. I think the first round of waitlist offers is mostly given to highly ranked waitlisters (usually OOPs given their pre-interview cutoffs) and also internal movement (i.e. people who got initial offers to their 2nd/3rd site, typically IMP or SMP, getting offers to their first choice, typically VFMP). During the second round of waitlist offers (after most of the internal movement), I anticipate a significant number of spots will open up for the satellite sites, where "lower" ranked waitlisters (hopefully us IPs) will be offered these spots. An
  4. I believe it's not recommended, unless you decide to complete an honour thesis project or take one of your supervisor's courses if he/she is teaching.
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