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  1. 3 hours ago, Prime78 said:

    Hello people! Congrats to everyone that was accepted in the second round! For those still waiting and perhaps any current medical students who might know, what is the likelihood of receiving an offer now? I presume that the next 3 rounds have quite insignificant waitlist movement. 

    I'm also on the waitlist and can only speculate.

    I think the first round of waitlist offers is mostly given to highly ranked waitlisters (usually OOPs given their pre-interview cutoffs) and also internal movement (i.e. people who got initial offers to their 2nd/3rd site, typically IMP or SMP, getting offers to their first choice, typically VFMP). During the second round of waitlist offers (after most of the internal movement), I anticipate a significant number of spots will open up for the satellite sites, where "lower" ranked waitlisters (hopefully us IPs) will be offered these spots. And then the subsequent rounds I anticipate movement will be alot slower. 

    Still can't help but feel like I've already been rejected after hearing nothing from the first round of waitlist offers :(. Nevertheless, best of luck to everyone! 

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