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  1. Thank you! Wishing you luck with securing an invite. I did not write an AEE! My wGPA was simply 3.80 with the new formula.
  2. That's obvious. And I do not think it's possible for me to exaggerate the impact of the new wGPA formula for those with high cGPAs because there essentially is no impact. I think that's clearly understood with this new wGPA formula and was not really what I was trying to allude to. But, I guess that's the controversy with this new wGPA formula, which was meant to "even the playing field"... I would assume that because most applicants do NOT have ~4.00 cGPA, this would mean that interview invites would show people with slightly lower wGPAs getting invites this cycle in particular. Base
  3. For people getting interview invites, are you guys taking into account that the wGPA formula has changed for UofT starting this cycle? These wGPA seem REALLY high considering the new wGPA formula was expected to tank most people's wGPA relative to previous cycles. Just checking... LOL
  4. It's irrelevant for "file review score" purposes (no extra credit), but they would still need to know if you intend on finishing your course-based masters before you potentially matriculate.
  5. I heard back from MD and it was a rejection. Haven't heard from MD/PhD, but I'm going to assume it is also a rejection for me.
  6. Applied through ACCESS as an underrepresented minority and just got rejected! Yikes. 3:42PM Oh well. Congrats to everyone who received an interview invitation!!!
  7. Title. Any one-way interview-specific advice from those who interviewed virtually last year? Did you use up all the 5-mins? Did you feel like you did well? Were your responses new anchor-like? LOL
  8. Congratulations! Yes, a bit confusing. Just goes to show you that just because they *say* their admissions process is a certain way on their website, doesn't mean that they actually do it. LOL did it say you would automatically be invited for an MD interview if you opted out, or?
  9. Title. Was not successful. Congratulations to all those with invites!!! EDIT: A bit confused. On the website, it says: "Applications are first assessed by the Admissions Committee for the Undergraduate MD Program, and only if the applicant is invited for interview, will the application be reviewed and ranked by the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program Committee." This means that the reason someone is not offered an interview for MD/PhD is because: 1) MD program did not want them or 2) MD wanted them, but MD/PhD did not want them But, in my rejection letter, it says my applicatio
  10. I was wondering the same thing! I think it's a good sign, and indicative that you have passed academic cut-offs (for whatever stream you are in). From the perspective of the adcoms, I don't see the point in reaching out to verifiers if they haven't assessed whether or not the applicant in question has met cutoffs. It's more work and a waste of time. So, I think your interpretation is correct, since I imagine they would narrow the pool down before actually reading our essays/verifiers
  11. I never understood why they switched from Facebook Lives to the exclusive and limited Zoom sessions. Does anyone who attended the session on Dec. 10 have any insights as to what they disclosed during the update?
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