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  1. School interviewing at: Calgary specialty: Family Medicine current interview date: March 14 12:30-3:30PM date would like to switch to: March 13 anytime Other notes: Conflict with another interview, thank you so much!
  2. I am so deeply relieved to say it is all okay and they accepted my letter of completion. For anyone who may be perusing this in the future, please send the letter of completion in a sealed and endorsed envelope from the issuer!
  3. Thank you for the great suggestion, TARS! I will note these things down and pray for the best in the mean time. I appreciate the help!
  4. Thank you for the kindness, TARS. I have contacted the previous institution to send a new letter in an endorsed envelope, but of course the deadline has passed so I hope it will arrive this week. *Edit: I guess a follow up question would be if there is anyone you'd recommend speaking to regarding this issue, or what the procedures for appealing an unfavourable decision would be? I am understanding of the circumstances, but I also would rather not sit at home for a year and re-apply, so I'd like to know all my options if possible.
  5. Hello everyone I am very excited to have been accepted but I'm in a bit of a pickle so I'm hoping for some advice. July 31 was the deadline for the graduate letter of completion, and I obtained a letter of completion which did arrive by the deadline but they said it was not official because it was not in an endorsed envelope. Our school issues letters of completion via PDF attachments on emails (which I have forwarded to the admissions team), but when I asked if it could be uploaded, I was told it was not acceptable. Now, my application is being reviewed because of this. Does anyone hav
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