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  1. For western's application they have 1 faculty member and 2 volunteer clinicians to read through them and rate them to a rubric. They won't contact your references unless there is suspicion to do so.
  2. Faculty is good and very knowledgeable. I know the class size has increased quite a bit recently. So physical space may be an issue now and instructor to student ratio.
  3. I graduated from UWO PT. If you got questions, shoot me a message. I am not really sure what to say here.
  4. I am not sure how much they're weighted but it's important to have a good reference from my perspective. it gives me insight to who you are from someone else's perspective. I have read applications with references that boasted the applicant's attributes and others who could hardly comment on it. Makes me think of you one way or the other.
  5. The written application portion is read by several reviewers, then given a mark based on a rubric. Red flags are your typical red flags, thinking you're amazing, sounding social inept, etc. Must haves are attributes that would make a good physio.
  6. From the Ontario schools you will get an email from all the schools usually within minutes of each other. It will say if you got accepted or not. usually comes at midnight.
  7. You should be answering these application questions the way you feel is best and that best reflects you. There is not much room to talk about yourself but think about what these programs are looking for in a person to become ideal healthcare workers. My GPA was a 3.81 and I got into Western and Queen's 2 years ago.
  8. It all depends how you come off as a person. If you write a super formal essay, maybe you sound unrelatable. One of my classmates told me how she literally wrote a story about her experience with a patient. It's entirely up to you how you want to be perceived. They are not going to reject your application if you use personal pronouns.
  9. I will piggyback off of this and can offer my experience at Western's PT.
  10. I worked as a kin before applying and became a physio. It all depends on how you portray the experience of being a kin on your applications. overall it's a positive but if you come off as a know it all just because you worked as a kin - no bueno
  11. Western PT group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1344149275653169/
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