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  1. Gonna piggy back off of this. Looking around my class I can say that everyone is very accomplished.. even if they don't think they do. (Imposter syndrome lol). Our class has a range of people with top 1% academics, research etc, to people who have lower academics but with very unique and diverse life experiences. I fall into the latter - a very low relative GPA and MCAT, but I think I had unique experiences. End of the day, you just have to apply, and continue to build yourself up. Try and bring your best foot forward and show off who you are in your application and just wish
  2. Use a reference that knows you best and can speak about your character and involvement with specific examples I personally used a employer supervisor and a volunteer supervisor.
  3. Last year they asked you to write about the top 5 highlights/ experiences of your life. Sort of like the first question asking you about 2 of them but 5.
  4. I don't think there's a best way to write your activities. Some people were more direct, some were not. I personally had a mix of pure description and some reflective moments and that seemed to work well for me! Best of luck
  5. U of A takes your best score overall. U of C takes your highest CARS (someone correct me if i'm wrong) Both schools will see all your MCAT writes, but only U of C has said that they will use that as a review as part of the subjective academic assessment.
  6. I have friends in med that used it to backpack europe. You do you!
  7. dont take it bruv remember me 3.6 gpa, 506 124 cars lmao
  8. I filled out all activities except only had 3/4 volunteering. Entries ranged from a few thousand hours employment to 50-100 on the lower end for a leadership role. All my activities were long term no less than 2 years
  9. I'd say with your GPA, you would need to do a bit more course work, (possibly continue with work, as suggested above). Have a strong MCAT with strong ECs. Don't expect anything, but budget anywhere from 3-5 years to get into medicine depending where you are currently. If you meet the minimums to apply, do it!
  10. Are you taking organic chemistry just to write the MCAT? I self studied and it's something you can definitely do. YMMV though.
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