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  1. I'd also be interested in hearing everyone's opinion on this. I started considering the same thing, as a second year med student, now that the prime rate has dropped by over 2%.
  2. Applications opened up this June, and one of the first questions you are asked is "Are you taking all of your courses online, through correspondence or distance education?". As far as I know, most (if not all?) med schools right now have yet to make a concrete decision on whether the fall semester will be fully online or not. Would it be best to hold off on submitting this application for the time being, or should I just respond with "No" and then worry about any decisions later on? Thanks
  3. Basically this haha. It's stress free due to not worrying about my grade and I get to learn about something that interests me in an undergrad setting. Its essentially being able to take a free course from an undergrad department without receiving a grade.
  4. Hello, I'm currently planning on auditing an undergraduate course next semester - in addition to my current medical school course load. I was wondering if anybody could share their experience with this and/or provide some suggestion on what subject might actually be beneficial in my future career as a physician. I've been looking at Bioethics - as this is something I'm already very interested in - but am also attracted to a lot of the Philosophy/Sociology courses that I didn't get a chance to pursue during undergrad. Cheers
  5. I am curious why people seem to be saying this. Playing around with the OSAP calculator for Ottawa's M.D. program does not change the estimates whether I declare income as anywhere from 0 - $15,000. In fact, my actual OSAP Funding for this semester is the same as a fellow incoming Med1 student who didn't work over the last year while I earned around 9 grand. Perhaps this grant decrease is mostly something that applies to those that are not Independent students?
  6. Yeah - I would like to tag onto that last question as well (if that's okay). For incoming Med 1 students who would like to live near downtown/main campus - is the free shuttle a reliable and time-efficient way to get to and from class every day?
  7. Where did you guys hear about this lol? Makes me jealous now that I realized uOttawa gets a different backpack =(
  8. That what I assumed because I know that's how it works for Med schools, but all it asks for is to accept/reject the offer via their online response form with no mention of a deposit. So I was just curious if it was this simple, or if we'd be required to pay a deposit right after haha. I actually just clicked "accept" now and that was all it required so maybe the deposit isn't requested until a bit later. Definitely don't do that. If you log onto the online portal / Mosaic, it should state a specific "Response Due Date" which I assume is the last day you can accept the offer bef
  9. Does anyone know what happens if I accept the offer and later withdraw due to acceptance from medical school?
  10. Based on the wording on the Queens website, it seems like you will be cut off after exactly 5 minutes during your initial answer and then you will be given the remaining two minutes (or longer if you stopped sooner) to answer a single prompt question. Am I interpreting this correctly?
  11. Would be awesome to get together enough people for a full mock MMI circuit. I know they've done those at Mac in the past
  12. The Review and Submit looks like it works again, but right now its saying that the programs are closed for submission.
  13. Well I'm glad they were very reasonable in giving us way more hours than we would've lost to application errors, as a way to account for the unnecessary stress and possible timing issues. EDIT: I also just got another 502 proxy error so thats probably another reason why they did this
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