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  1. I definitely think you stand a chance! I didn't think I did with my pGPA and cGPA but here I am! also they didn't tell me how many people have been accepted so far but looking at the course enrolment like fbgroup2021 mentioned should give u a good idea. However, it's not 100% accurate since people (like me) who haven't paid their tuition deposit yet are not enrolled in that class yet, so there are probably more people that have been accepted into pharmacy than those that are enrolled in pharm301
  2. Hey everyone! Just got an acceptance email, finished my interview May 26, and my pre-req gpa was around 3.5 and cGPA around 3.6 and I just finished my second year of BioSci, so don't count yourself out if you don't have a super high GPA admission decisions will be going out throughout the rest of this month and well into July as well (according to Rae). Congratulations to everyone accepted so far and good luck everyone!
  3. I'm doing the interview tomorrow and I was just wondering if anyone knows if they would ask some type of ethics question? I heard a lot of other interviews ask about a time that you've made an ethical decision in your life, and I was wondering if I should be prepared to answer something like that?
  4. From what I know, they get about 500 applications, Rae said 512 in 2015. And since the interview is just a screen capture of 2-3 questions it doesn't make a huge difference to offer most applicants an interview. I'm pretty sure they don't take GPA into consideration until this semester's grades are in, keep in mind there are first year students applying so it wouldn't be fair to evaluate based on one semester's worth of work. I don't know any of this for sure, but I've heard nothing about the interview selection process and they don't give any info about it so I think it's fair to assume that
  5. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure everyone gets an interview that submitted all required materials!
  6. About that email, did it sound like they were changing up the interview, or is it just me? She said they were making "improvements" not too sure what that means exactly
  7. Anyone know how many applicants are offered interviews? Is it everyone that applies?
  8. Its the phstud@ualbeta.ca it says that on the letter of intent and pharmacist consultation form. Also, I emailed my application to that email and they responded to me thanking me for my application.
  9. Hey everyone, thanks starlight17 for starting the forum, it's super helpful hearing from other applicants and current pharmacy students. I was just wondering if anyone who went through the interview process last year would like to share a little insight on what the questions were like. My letter of intent and interview are going to have to be pretty strong because I'm not expecting a super competitive GPA, maybe something around 3.6 so I would like those areas to be super strong. If you remember any of the questions you had that would be super helpful! Were they typical interview que
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