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  1. French stream applicants, if you'd be so kind, could you provide your stats, ECs and thoughts on Casper?
  2. How did that happen? That doesn't make any sense for French stream.
  3. I took Physics 1028, it was a shit show. You're honestly better off taking Physics 1301 if you want to learn something. The only way to really prepare for the tests are taking Prep101, since they keep a bank of past questions that they reuse. There are no past exams in Physics 1028/1029 cause they just reuse the same questions year to year. For 1029's final, I don't even think it was worth studying for.
  4. According to Memorial Med's website, they want "bona fide" residents of Newfoundland to be selected in their class. So would it be a massive disadvantage for me to let's say, move to Newfoundland, live there for a year, get resident status, and then apply as a Newfoundland resident the next cycle? Admissions would find that I wouldn't be genuine, and I just moved solely for the purpose of getting IP seats. All I want is to get into med, but I'm open to staying in Newfoundland as a physician. https://www.med.mun.ca/getdoc/c0bc7076-f003-4680-8a9f-c845c0025b55/Newfoundland---Labrador.aspx
  5. Bonjour, I have a couple of questions regarding Quebec medical schools, since there's not that much info out there. I am fully fluent in French btw, so I should have no problems with interviews etc... 1. Can Ontarians apply? And specifically what are the chances? Would they be much better if I was to gain IP status in Quebec? 2. How would my grades be calculated? I know McGill uses GPA, but the others (Laval, Sherbrooke and U de M) use a CRU. Would they use my GPA or convert my grades to a CRU? Also, what are the GPA weightings for each school? 3. If I remember properly, on
  6. What kind of stats would be considered as "strong"? According to TCOM, the average GPA was 3.63, sGPA was 3.53 and the MCAT score was 506.
  7. Is UNTHSC/TCOM friendly to Canadians? I know 90% of their entering class are in-state residents, but what about the other 10%. Do Canadians matriculate to TCOM?
  8. It's so sad that any Texas medical schools never interview or matriculate any international students. Their OOS tuition is so cheap, making it actually affordable to attend a USMD school.
  9. I was under the impression that WashU gives scholarships/merit aid to Canadians.
  10. Is there an option on OMSAS to declare that you are SWOMEN?
  11. Some clinical and research experience wouldn't hurt at all. Just keep it up and you'll have a shot at UBC. You could technically have no research experience and get into med school.
  12. Are you just one under for Chem/Phys (125)? If not, you would qualify for Western since you're SWOMEN. You can give a shot at Queen's since they're a black box. You could go for Mac but you need to kill the CASPer.
  13. Mac is unlikely since they love high CARS scores. Queen's could be worth a shot. Maybe try for UOttawa? They don't require the MCAT and your GPA would be in your favor. If you're SWOMEN, you meet the cut-off for Western.
  14. I'm in the same position as you. I think you should apply in the French Stream. You would pretty much be guaranteed an interview with those stats and decents ECs.
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