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  1. I did PHPY too and had to approach profs for summer research and Honors. IMHO The best way to go about it is to cold email profs. The website below has a list of profs and what they do research in. Take some time to go through it and just email the profs you are interested in. Alternatively, if classes go back to being in person, approach them after a lecture. Typically you send them an email with who you are, your past experiences and why you are interested in doing research with them (is their topic interesting? have prior experience with the topic). I also attached my CV to the email.
  2. Back when I took it (i.e. four years ago) Math 125 was definitely the easier one imo. Not too sure now though, I have heard they changed the course quite a bit.
  3. Totally second the Clas 103 and entry level psych Would like to add music 101 (? not sure of the number but the very first music course) as I have heard that is a mark booster too. Would stay away from Sociology as it is *very* prof dependent. I was lucky to have a good prof (Tony Zhang, would recommend), my friends however were not so. Intro french classes worked well for me too
  4. I personally think the best way you can prep for med school is to take the summer completely off, spend time with family and friends so that you can start medical school with a gusto of focus and energy lol Pace of content in med school is very ameanable to learning the content as you go through it
  5. I only have my preferred name on the hospital ID and my legal name elsewhere on attendance lists, other documents etc. In small group situations I explicitly use my preferred name and most people in my class know me by it. I also use my preferred name in official correspondences and often sign my name as such Legal (preferred) LastName. So far this set-up has worked well for me. I do like my legal name but it is just hard for people to pronounce/ remember and I just got tired of teaching everyone to say my name so I never looked at legally changing it.
  6. I have also heard that if you can find someone who wants to switch from Saskatoon to Regina (yes that does happen) you can coordinate the switch with them. Appeals usually occur in Jan of a given year and you can also approach the student affairs for help and support during the appeal! They are often empathetic towards situations like yours.
  7. Good Luck for tomorrow everyone! Remember that each and everyone of you are amazingly capable humans no matter what the decisions are! Y'all got this!!
  8. Last year they released them all together between 8:30-8:45. I hadn't expected the email so early in the morning, really woke me up lol
  9. I believe this link has the value of dental coverage for residents across all the provinces. You might need to check additional resources for the specifics on the coverage. https://www.carms.ca/match/r-1-main-residency-match/salary/#1511459418108-dce57021-2831
  10. Last year we weren't allowed to, but I assumed it was due to the last minute shift to the online platform. I am not sure if they figured out a solution for it this year. I would just prepare assuming you won't be allowed to jot notes!
  11. School: USask Year (1 or 2): 1 Lecture delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Online (mix of pre-recorded and live) Shadowing/clinic visits delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): In-person, though it was suspended for a bit in between. Also, only few specialities are currently open for shadowing. Clinician skills delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Online introduction + in-person practice sessions (at least twice a week) Research delivery method (online/ in person/ other [please explain]): Don't reall
  12. I think you should get by with a decent interview! Do remember that this year, we had significantly fewer stations so the MMI didn't serve as much of a differentiating factor (leading to a very high admissions average and MCAT). Try your best at the interview and you'll do well
  13. try this maybe? https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/admissions-statistics-5-year-summary.pdf
  14. As long as you completed your coursework in 4 years you're fine. Many students work for a couple years before they apply to Med school at USask so taking two years off should also be fine!
  15. Hey there, This post is a little old but I personally love watching Violin MD, KharmaMedic and Ali Abdaal. They are all so inspirational and informative!
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