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  1. check your portal! They didn't send me an email but it's in the portal good luck to everyone!
  2. i'm 22 so like you're definitely in a better position than me... tbh i think the best way to pass time +deal with the doubt is also to plan our backups for the worst case scenario
  3. You have a rly good chance for #13 like I'm pretty positive you'll get in this year so dw!
  4. I'm 22 so I basically feel hopeless right now
  5. Also it just feels like the IP waitlist is never moving... it's only moved 2 so far :'(
  6. When do you think they'll update the waitlist potential offers on the website?
  7. let us know if your waitlist rank updates! Congrats by the way :DDDD
  8. I'm not too sure but I have a feeling they combine both? or do something (with deferred admission and the international, NTP applicants etc etc) because it's definitely bigger than the IP WL...
  9. You never know! 2014 and 2015 both had 23 and 26 movements, so you could get super lucky this year
  10. I think those are IP only (the numbers you mentioned) beacuse IP and med-p have separate waiting lists! I'm waitlisted as #22, what number are you if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I got waitlisted too and I am totally in your shoes with being so anxious over the waitlist. I think they won't disclose anything about the ranking until they finish the people who were waitlisted for interviews, so the only thing we can do is wait until early may :'( uncertainty is honestly such a crappy thing to deal with
  12. TIME STAMP: 10:08 am Result: invite! wGPA: 3.73 MCAT: 515 ECs: lots of volunteering, scholarships/competitions, 2 year lab and some unique experiences Year: 4th year undergrad (last year) IP GUYS IM A PRIME EXAMPLE of not having a stellar GPA and still getting an interview. For those kids with similar stats like me/applying in the future, don't give up hope! :DDDD
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