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  1. The deleted happened automatically, i didn'tknow that that would happen wjen i referred to the other popular premed forums online, think the front page od the internet, and lizzym The reason i think your experience in the states, especially as it relates to standingout from the crowd of applicants may not be useful, is that there's quite a bit of difference on requirements between american and canadian application systems. Americans need shadowing, and clinical volunteering experience, which aren't a big deal here, as one example.
  2. This is a forum for Canadian students primarily, so a book about getting into school in the states would be of limited usefulness to many of the regulars, looking on sdn and the **DELETED** premed forum may be a better bet for you.
  3. Doesn't really matter when it's completed. Canadian schools don't do rolling admissions, so having your application seen earlier doesn't change how competitive it is. So if you can get it in earlier more power to you, but my understanding is there's no advantage to getting it in earlier
  4. If you're going to look outside science, i highly highly recommend engl 101b its introto rhetoric, or rhetoric in pop culture or something, and i crefit a lot of my cars success tothat. It just is an examination of how arguments are made in a numberof sources and how the language used and how things arr framed influencehow we think about them. It gets you thinking in the way you need to attack cars, and its just such fascinating subject matter
  5. As far as i remember thats a very american phenomenon, none of the schools i applied to last year did that. GPA is GPA in canada. If you think you will be able to succeed in a bio elective then that's a good course to take (i highly recommend evolutionary ecology {bio 150} and genetics{239}, and human physiology {273} loved all those courses, physiology is especially relevant too) otherwise take something else which interests you, and you'll be able to do well in. If you can fit it eng 101b is an unbelievable course, i think it was a massive help for my approach to CARS on the MCAT
  6. For the last cycle everything was just emailed to the references. You didn't have to physically give them anything. I think asking if they're willing and giving them a heads up is fantastic advice though
  7. I would say that being in Ontario hurts you, and if moving is an option and med school is the be all and end all end goal, then it's probably best to move somewhere where you can get in province status in the four years it takes to complete an undergrad. The only ontario school which looks at IP vs OOP status is Mac, and they will always look at all your courses in their GPA calculation, so you're already behind the eight-ball for mac, however all the other ontario schools which do a GPA adjustment will still do that, and will consider your application the same whether you're in Ontario or els
  8. how is virtue signalling relevant to this conversation?
  9. They told me this as well, but it was no big deal to me
  10. I'm confused as to why you keep coming back to the fact that you don't know who graded you. It isn't a relevant fact in the matter. the buck stops with the professor, so s/he will be the one who can answer questions or will be responsible in the case of an appeal. I don't quite understand your point in any case. what makes you think that you are entitled to an explanation regarding your grade, or being able to copy your exam, and why are these relevant? the facts of the case are: you have received a final exam grade you are unhappy with you went through a d
  11. OOP waitlist checking in, will be withdrawing my name. 5 spots was my understanding too, would have loved to know my ranking on the waitlist, no big deal though I imagine everyone who got early acceptance also got accepted elsewhere, and many of the waitlist as well so I would guess pretty good, considering Manitoba is pretty well the last to send out their offers
  12. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted In Province (IP)/ Out of Province (OOP): OOP GPA (x.xx/4.5): ~ 4.1 MCAT (xxx/528): 524 Rural/Non-Rural: Non-Rural (not a single box checked off) Advanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): n/a Accepting Offer/Declining Offer: Will be withdrawing name
  13. I think that there are some great elective options in Psych and English. psych and soc 101 are great for helping get the background needed for the MCAT psych section, and ENGL 101B is a fantastic course which I credit a lot with helping me in the CARS section of the MCAT as it really focuses on getting into popular culture, and how arguments are made, as well as techniques people use to present media and the way that shapes the message. Psych 261 is also interesting and relatively easy
  14. I'm assuming that you're a biomed so I would imagine you're already going to be taking Biol 373 If you want to get into some kin courses I can recommend, Kin 408 Cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, especially if it's still taught by Vigna, he loves to teach, and gives lots of hints and help for the exams. Kin 404 (the physiological basis of obesity and type 2 diabetes) isn't the easiest course, but it is fantastic, Professor Tupling is interesting and makes the material relevant. It's nice because the exams aren't cumulative, and there are 4, meaning grades are spread around thr
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