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  1. Is the GPA calculation based off mandatory courses or is it just imperative that you have them done? I didn't do so well in my first degree with those courses, but in my second degree without those courses I did relatively well. How will that hamper my app?
  2. What are the electives like? Is it just more shadowing and watching, or do you actually learn about radiation oncology (GTV, CTV, PTV, etc.) during the elective?
  3. I can't take any other courses unfortunately; the courses we take are set by our program. I'm going to talk to my registrar and see what I can do. I'll probably talk to OMSAS about it also to see what will happen.
  4. Thanks! The main problem I'm dealing with is that I do take a full 20 credits, but my program splits it up oddly into Fall, Winter and Summer semesters. For example, I did 2.0 credits last summer, all P/F while last Fall semester, I did 3.0 courses, 0.5 P/F and the rest graded. It's super odd.
  5. I'm a radiation therapy student and I was just wondering what kind of information you guys learn about Rad Onc before going into the field. I probably have a lot of bias, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem like you guys know a lot about the stream before coming in? I'm probably wrong, so I'm hoping that someone could correct me or explain more thoroughly.
  6. I'm in a professional undergraduate program at U of T (Radiation Therapy specifically), and because my program has an altered course schedule, I was wondering if anyone would know how GPA and course loads would work when applying via OMSAS. I've attached a copy of the course route we take, and it's a mandatory course route for everyone in the program. Does anyone know how it'll affect my application? 2015-Radiation-Therapy-Model-Route.pdf
  7. How would that work? Like I don't understand their rationale behind just removing grades off of a transcript; wouldn't that alter things if I decided to go back to that university to get another degree?
  8. I e-mailed them this morning so we'll see what they say; I'll respond here no matter what I hear from them. How is radiology at Ottawa? I'm doing my clinical placement there starting August (and was there last year as well from May to June)
  9. Damn. What happens if there's extenuating circumstances for doing that poorly? I'm debating if I should send an e-mail to McMaster and ask to see what they say.
  10. I'm planning on applying next round in July when everything opens. However, I'm currently completing a second undergraduate degree. I've never applied yet, so I'm just wondering how my first undergrad would play into it? I didn't do particularly well GPA-wise in my first undergrad due a variety of reasons and honestly I'm hoping that I won't have to include that in my application at all, or will I have to?
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