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  1. Is it required to add/change details for autobiographical sketch?
  2. 91% will probably get you an interview for western, not sure about 3.89 with regards to UofT. get around 21~22 min and you should get an interview
  3. Which school has the highest average accepted GPA? And what is it?
  4. When are the deadlines for OMSAS application and Capser? I can't find them..
  5. Are you sure about this? It makes no sense to not include 4th year marks if you're applying when your 4th year is finished
  6. Hey future docs, I'm quite interested in the field, but aren't very informed of what actually happens after 4 years of medical school. Can someone briefly explain the processes of writing board exams, getting residency, specializing, so on and so forth? As well, how are different medical schools in Ontario different in terms of teaching style, and Job prospective (ex. chance of getting matched in residency/getting a job) Thank you everyone
  7. Is it recommended to use multiple sources? For example, EK + TPR/ Kaplan + TBR/ etc
  8. If I pursue a course-based masters, will the GPA calculation for med school from masters or undergrad?
  9. I just want to say this to everyone- we are young, most of us still in our 20s. Taking couple of years to give couple of attempts isnt bad at all. We will be working for whatever career we pursue for many decades down the road. At the moment, we are disappointed and feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel when faced with rejection, but remember- we are still young, and we are full of potentials. Keep going at it !!
  10. Hey guys, I'm completely new to the MCAT preparation and was wondering if anyone would give bit of guidance as to where I should start. How long do people usually prepare for prior to the exam? Any recommendation for the studying materials? (ex. if books, the company/year) Are classes/courses recommended? Thank you!
  11. UofT is rather diverse, but the population diversity in any medical schools is likely not to truly reflect the diversity of the city. I've seen numerous reports where Caucasians and east Asians are the majority of the population pool in most of the med schools, and African Americans/natives are to make the minority of the population pool, being far less than the proportion compared to the actual city population. It'll be like this in many med schools, and it goes far beyond surface factors
  12. I was just asking to see the amount of contributions you've invested (that often translates to # of publications and what not). I'm not sure how they'll look at it, but I guess your strength here is diversity. To put in a perspective, I stayed in one lab over the span of 2 years, but managed to do national/local presentation, published abstract, and as well as a scientific paper in a high impact journal as a co-author. But while you went in to 4 different labs 1~2 times a week, I went into one lab 7 times a week (i just really enjoyed it). Make sure to highlight the strength (in your opinion)o
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