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  1. Anybody have an opinion on whether Uworld is worth doing here in Canada? Is it too American?
  2. I'm confused pretty much where to start. I have reached out and have meetings scheduled with the research department at my school so that they can help me but I was wondering how med students generally go about finding research opportunities. In undergrad I would email people who I found interesting but I would've thought there would be a more direct and less random approach in medical school? Any tips? The area of research I want to get involved is unrelated to my previous research work.
  3. Is a fellowship really necessary for Anesthesia? I'm a newb but I thought most didn't do one.
  4. People are crazy on here. Posting the opportunity on premed101, you were pretty much guaranteed to get annoying keener premeds.
  5. I think for international study you need a co-signer. You could probably just ask a bank....
  6. One of the courses I took for my masters degree was a research project where i wrote up a manuscript. I'm going to submit but I was confused about how to do the authorship. I worked with two other professors I met regularly throughout the semester who provided feedback and direction. However, none of them mentioned anything about authorship. I think this paper would be pretty insignifcant to them so i just assumed i would be the only author?
  7. Leafs were eliminated. They were supposed to distract me until may 8th :(
  8. How will we know? Will they email us or do we have to log into OMSAS to find out?
  9. Hi, The ranking for the McMaster campuses is due April 8th. I am having trouble ranking the campuses and would like to see what others (current and prospective students) think. I think all 3 campuses are great and don't have a strong preference for either but some issues I thought of: Location: Hamilton is ofc the biggest city and closest to Toronto. Niagara is the farthest. I'm a city person so I'm leaning Hamilton, Waterloo, Niagara. Opportunities: I believe research opportunities are easier in Hamilton but how about Waterloo vs Niagara? Because of smaller
  10. Coming out of the interview I felt pretty good but after thinking about it I feel like I could have done way better. I feel like I went off topic on 2 stations. One of my stations the interviewer looked so bored. On another she looked like she wasnt following what I was saying so I asked her if she understood lol. Another one when I ran out of things to say my interviewer told me to re read the question (I didnt misinterpret or misread it so idk why he told me to do that) and didnt ask me any prompting questions which I thought was super weird. Oh well. There's nothing you can do about it
  11. Anybody have any idea why people have queens lower? Just curious.
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