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  1. When was the deadline for programs to submit rankings?
  2. How is everyone ranking Ontario internal medicine programs?
  3. Does anyone know what the Mac internal medicine 2 min meet and greet with the PD is like?
  4. does paid summer work affect the amount of grant money you get from the faculty? thx
  5. has everyone who's got the Scotia LOC for U of T used Lynne in Toronto? I can't even seem to ever get a hold of her... is there anyone else?
  6. how competitive is IM? People seem to be suggesting it is getting more competitive but when I looked at the stats for this years match it seems # of people who wanted it as their 1st choice almost equaled # of spots
  7. Just be honest on the application, if they find out you were dishonest that is definitely a reason for them to void your application. Perhaps someone else can comment on whether French is required to be your first language for the French stream, but I don't believe so.
  8. @MDwannabe02 @rogerroger thanks for clarifying!
  9. If they're directly supervising you I would assume you could let your UME office know of the potential conflict of interest.
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