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  1. TIME STAMP: Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 83 MCAT: 507 ECs: Lots NAQ score last cycle was a 34 Current Degree: Biology Geography: IP NAQ: 28 AQ: 19.34 TFR: 47.42 Good luck everyone!! xo
  2. I rarely post on here but I just thought I would give my two cents with some of the questions circling... Are Mondays the only day for regrets? Definitely not. I was sent my regrets email sometime mid-week last year (I don't remember when because I quickly deleted that horrific email, so it wasn't the first thing I saw for the next few days or weeks when checking my email), and I vividly remember that I was sent regrets at the same time as others also receiving regrets, and others receiving invitations to interview. So it certainly wasn't as discrete as some seem to have the impression of.
  3. We are all done out interviews yay! May can't come fast enough!
  4. Thank you so much for the reply and information. I very much look forward to the opportunity to work in these communities, I was just curious about the logistics of it but if your friend took her baby there must be a way to find childcare ect. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Everyone, So I have been looking into NOSMs community involvement the last few days and I have a few questions to those of you who may have friends in the program ext. First I will give some context: I am an out of province applicant. My husband is a law school student, and we have two small children. Since these stints of living/ working in other communities are quite long (from a couple weeks the first year to 8 months the third year) I'm wondering if anyone knows how far most of these communities are away from the main centers (Thunder bay and Sudbury). Also wondering if any
  6. Timestamp:9:37 Interview: Yes!!! GPA: 3.67 Context: OP- grew up in northern Alberta in a very rural remote community. Spent Highschool and last seven years in Vancouver/Victoria. ECs: directed a Bible camp on a native reserve in northern Alberta for three years, volunteered at hospital throughout university, volunteered in Africa on a medical relief trip, lots of travelling over the past six years. Non-trad?:yes- married, and mother to two precious babies # of previous applications:0 Interview Location/Date/Time:March 26, Thunderbay I am so excited! This was my first choice of sc
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