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  1. Bonjour, je me demande si vous êtes NP (IPS) et si vous avez été accepté dans le programme de médecine. je suis en voie d'obtention de maitrise IPS et je veux appliquer en médecine ? c'est quoi mes chances ? et que me conseillez vous ?


  2. Is it calculated to make 95% of the class pass? I'm just wondering how they calculate it
  3. med school in Caribbean is $20, 000 / yr.. It is less than what you pay at most Canadian schools.
  4. I live with my partner and he is responsible for rent, food, basic necessities etc... but I will still accumulate 50K in student tuition and book supplies, ...etc. You are definitely lucky to graduate with that little debt
  5. Did you pay your debt in your first year of residency? I will be graduating with almost 50K of debt and I was just curious.
  6. It's very true statement and I love it as well but it does not make the task of finding our partner"/aka speciality for the rest of our lives any easier. I'm still an undecided med student. No wonder the divorce rate in our society is 50% haha
  7. My mentor jokes with me and tells me that choosing a speciality in medicine is like marriage, you will never have the 100% perfect fit partner, but you choose the speciality that you are attracted to/love and don't mind committing to and you are okay with its shortcomings. Finding the perfect speciality that will always make you happy during the different stages of your life does not exist.
  8. How are applicants getting compared? Are they not getting compared based mainly on their research and EC activity ( since grades are just pass or fail)?
  9. Does it help with CaRMS applications? Is the CaRMS application process as competitive as getting into medical school? Do you need to have tons of ECs and Research work in the area that you are interested in?
  10. Do we need to do research work in the speciality/area that we are interested in? I am currently doing research in the area of internal medicine/palliative care, but I am interested in Anaesthesia. I am expecting to publish next year. Would that be problematic when it comes to Carms? Do I have to do research in the area that I am interested in? I'm enjoying the research project that I'm currently doing, and I will be doing Anaesthesia research work in the soon future.
  11. I don't have a science background, and I am not sure how to best study for anatomy? What apps/ books do med students find useful? I 'm an audio-visual learner, what would be the best way of learning for my learning style? Thanks!!
  12. Do you know if they send more offers than seats?
  13. Do they publish any values about the number of individual in Mac's WL?
  14. Which school has the biggest waitlist movement in Ontario ? Is it Mcmaster?
  15. took my name off the WL as well , accepted into U of A
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