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  1. Based on my experience, there would be no overlap between the start of school and the end of the program if you complete the program on a full-time basis and in alignment with the layout of the program. For instance, for every student graduating at the October ceremony during my year, all the practicums were completed by mid-August at the very latest (I completed mine by the end of July). So I don't think the MPH program would conflict with the start of med school (unless you are applying to a school that starts July like U of Calgary). Although other schools like DAL have specific requir
  2. Just for reference I completed the MPH program at MUN in 2014 and of my class, 6 of us have been accepted into medical school (4 of which were IP at MUN). Each year the program has students interested in a career in medicine, many of which have been successfully accepted to MUN or another medical school in Canada. Additionally, because MUN counts all courses taken, your graduate courses will be included in your GPA calculation so between option B and C, option C is the better choice because you would be gaining the same benefit of boosting your GPA while also gaining a new degree, releva
  3. Just checked the "Your guide to the Dal Med Interview" and Saint John did not hold interviews on Sunday.
  4. I interviewed in Saint John on the Saturday and I think there was also the A-D track with 12 students. So approx. 96 students would have interviewed in Saint John in total.
  5. There was also a morning and afternoon slot in Saint John, NB on the Saturday.
  6. Apparently it was via e-mail and they were required to return the requested information before Christmas.
  7. Same! one of my verifiers was contacted back in December.
  8. Agreed! Overall great experience and shockingly fun! One station kind of threw me off but quite happy overall!
  9. I recognize interviews are still occurring tomorrow at the Halifax site but curious how everyone that interviewed today felt?
  10. Time stamp: 12:14 EST Result: Interview wGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 510 EC's: Hospital volunteer for 3 years, Companion for Oncology Camp for 4 years, Board of Directors for 2 organizations, Therapeutic Riding, Research Publication, etc. Currently working in the realm of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Essay: Really happy with my essay Year: Non-Student but I have a Master of Public Health IP/OOP: OOP- Strong Connection. Lived in the Maritimes for a number of years
  11. Time stamp: Result: wGPA: MCAT: EC's: Essay: Year: IP/OOP:
  12. After speaking with admissions a few times, it seems that OOP who meet the minimum GPA and MCAT thresholds are then scored based on their maritime connection essay (which is not the supplemental).
  13. Is anyone having difficulty with their Dal Online? When I go to log in it just brings me to a page to start another application.
  14. I think as long as on your Dal Online it shows you paid the 70 you are fine. There is an additional fee if you get an interview.
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