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  1. I recently got the HP spectre and I have to say I am impressed with it. The pen is not bad at all. It's not sensitive enough that you can shade with it like you would while drawing, but it is responsive enough that it catches all the little things about my cursive handwriting. The result looks as if it came from me writing on paper, which is exactly what I needed. The computer itself is very well-designed and I am completely happy with the purchase. Only thing I wish could be a bit better is the battery life. I clocked it lasting about 7 hours with a mixed of watching movies, doing work in it
  2. Some more information about going abroad: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/communities/globalhealth/electives I'll definitely be signing up for the Global health 12 hour predeparture elective and hopefully be doing a project outside Canada as well. What are you guys' thoughts on doing more than one Summer elective abroad? I'm thinking of going into a competitive specialty (emerg) and wouldn't want to have my elective experience send any kind of mixed messages, but I want to help in South America (home) really badly as well. Are these normally mutually exclusive?
  3. I organize my language learning and maintenance by weekly hours. Nothing too obsessive in terms of exact numbers, more like an estimation. I used a friend who traveled with me and saw me speak languages for an entire month as a reference for that. I also had contacts for language diplomas I have received.
  4. I bet they were real careful about picking Canada's colours because of the problems brought up about celebrating the 150th despite Indigenous resistance against that particular way of defining "Canada." I bet their marketing campaign was very conservative: "How about we just don't use Canadian colours... How about we use the CMA blue." "Sure, probably safer and we don't get boycotted by these more-societally-aware-than-average-future-doctor types and their schools." And so the dull blue makes a return, because dull blue has never really offended anyone.
  5. Adhominem, I honestly feel like you should communicate that to the admissions committee. I felt like I had feedback to give to them last year about something, and they were very welcoming of it. I honestly think that approaching them about it yourself could potentially get them to look at this issue (which I agree with completely) if they haven't already. Plus, for those who participated in this forum for longer than one application cycle: is there always such petty animosity after results are out? Those who got in and those who didn't, please show respect for your peers. Generaliz
  6. I wasn't going to say it, but the dots connected as well.
  7. Let's keep the debate moderated and show sportsmanship on both sides, please. No need to berate pre-med this or pre-med that. YesICan55, I think everyone understands and fears going through what you are going through again. I personally think that you can have your reservations about working jobs with fewer qualifications that you have achieved because those are not jobs that you wanted to settle for. At the same time, however, I guarantee to you that you will find some of the most hard-working and humble people at fast food chains, restaurants and similar jobs. People who don't ha
  8. The time and money involved in implementing Casper tells me they're running a study with it a the very least. Us 2021s could be the guinea pigs. Could be something like checking in on our performance yearly vs. how well we scored on Casper, or how well we do on clerkship vs how well we did on Casper, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if they made it a requirement for now on, but never actually told us how they're grading it until they replicate original results claiming high Casper scores were indicative of later performance in clerkship and residence. If they do find significance, then maybe th
  9. I liked that, though
  10. That's exactly it. The reason why it shows cash advance is because it's warning clients of how interest counts from the moment that transaction was made. All transactions involving the line of credit are like cash advance in that sense, but their interest is settled as 2.45% . No reason to worry, says the Scotia rep. Hope this dispels anyone else's fears
  11. You wouldn't think it would incur any additional fees or anything. I actually started wondering if it's because it was the very first transaction made with the Scotia LOC (because as soon as I use it, interest starts accumulating, instead of having an interest-free period like other forms of credit). Will follow up with them this afternoon.
  12. I have sent them an email and will post the answer here to help others who may have the same question! Thanks for the help rmorelan.
  13. Hi there, Just wanted to reach out to you more knowledgeable people and learn how to manage this properly. So I had a previous LOC from another bank that I have to close to do business with Scotia. I added that other bank's LOC account number as a payee to Scotia and made a lump sum payment to the account. When I go to the Professional Student Plan LOC within Scotia, it says that what I did was actually a cash advance to the other bank's LOC. Is this how this is normally displayed? I thought Cash Advances were subject to much higher interest rates, and so it was inadvisable for me
  14. Damn... I was actually going to buy a good bike for commuting because mine is falling apart. Maybe I'll just ride it until I can't ride it anymore. Thanks for the help!
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