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  1. Do they really verify if my workbook match my official transcript? I'm curious: didn't they already verify that my workbook matched my unofficial transcript? In which case, wouldn't they just have to verify that my official and unofficial transcripts are the same?
  2. Thank you sweet prince! Did you send it by email or by mail? Is scanning and forwarding them to the admission office mail enough?
  3. Hey folks, Is it absolutely required to upload the official transcripts? I thought we were to send them only if we were asked to, for instance if you didn't completed a course to finish your degree on which you were evaluated. Where did you read that you have to upload the official transcripts? Also, to whom do you send them and what is the deadline to do so??
  4. TIME STAMP: 9:50 am Result: Admitted with Condition (MDCM) cGPA: 3.84, pre-reqGPA: 3.93 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: Rather good and diverse. MP for details. Year: 3rd year PhD IP/OOP/International: IP Being a reapplicant was extremely helpful and I am convinced that it made the difference when I was preparing for the MMI. For those who did not get in, I strongly encourage you to persevere and use your experience next year.
  5. Actually, it's for QC university students. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/md-roq-u
  6. I usually sleep as much as I can, so that my conscious waking hours are limited to a minimum, entering a dreamlike state of mind fast forwarding my anxiety into the future.
  7. Oh, you're absolutely right. I was confusing the rank on the waiting list that was disclosed to the individual candidates (aka, where you personally stand in the WL, if you are waitlisted) and the WL rank presented on McGill website.
  8. The waitlist ranks were immediately released to the concerned candidates last year, along with the initial invitations and refusals.
  9. Looking at this thread makes me wonder if everyone, including grandma, have a 3.9+ prereq GPA.
  10. The slides didn't say that 1/3 of those who were accepted had a pre-req GPA of 3.77. It says that the mean of those accepted was 3.77 and, furthermore, that most (2/3) applicants invited for interviews (which are, of course, distinct from those who were ultimately accepted) had a higher pre-req GPA than 3.77.
  11. That's not correct. The average science GPA of those who were accepted was 3.77. However, most of the applicants (2/3) had above this. So it's pretty fair to say that the average of the pre-req of the applicants taking the interviews is higher than this. This also means that, last year, those who did especially well on the stations were not those with the highest pre-req GPA. This is corroborated by my own ranking from last year (I'm a reapplicant). Despite having a worse ranking in the pre-req than in the stations, my overall ranking was better than either my stations ranking or my pre-req
  12. Am I the only one who, reading again again and again that some who felt confident on the interviews were rejected while others less confident were admitted, starts to feel like being confident about the interviews is akin to a bad omen?
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