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  1. Hey guys, on beartracks my class schedule has time conflicts, in both fall and winter terms. Just wanted to check if anyone else has that too?
  2. I received an offer as well, thought I'd add to the forum Stats (IP): cGPA: 3.8, highest 30* (this year): 3.9, lots of volunteer experience and other extracurriculars/leadership (not related to pharmacy though, just what I was interested in and passionate about). I believe my LOI was pretty strong, and after my interview I thought one of my answers was good and well though out, for the others I could have elaborated more. Oh and applied as a 3rd year. Good luck everyone!! I think the rest of the offers should be going out this week and the next
  3. Just to confirm, current ualberta students don't need to do anything for the transcripts right? The registrar automatically sends them?
  4. Hey guys, I am doing the practice questions but I keep getting interrupted by a "Connection problem". I have tried different browsers, restarting my laptop but still the same problem. Anyone tried doing the interview on campus? Does it work well there?
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