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  1. I know there is a centralized system for release of IM interviews. Any word on when this will happen, or are we at their mercy? Thanks!
  2. Does Solus usually update at midnight or when emails come out in the morning
  3. Hi all, Of course all the med schools in ontario are accredited and all schools should be able to teach you what you need to know to be a doc. What do you think are the major differences between them in terms of curriculum and student life? lets say you got into all ontario med schools ... how would you go about picking? are there any that are more reputable than others? which schools are more research focused/community focused etc or which helps student get into competitive residences? any quirks that you cant necessarily read about on med school websites? im asking because
  4. thank you very much for sharing, makes me take a breath of relief. did she say why she thought it was so bad?
  5. i was a nervous wreck for a good portion of it - does anyone know how queens generally takes this? any current med students/premeds been through this and got in/rejected/waitlisted?
  6. Hey chromosome, thanks for the info its a great way for me to get to know queen's. are there other aspects of the queens curriculum that is unique to them/done particularly well by them? i'm trying to get a better sense of what the qmed program is like and how it differs from other med programs but I couldnt find much online. i'm probably looking in the wrong spot, so if you could direct me/ tell me that would be great
  7. wow i didnt get any feed back like which probably means they dont just say it to anyone. any suggestions on how to make the wait go by ... may 9 is so long from now.
  8. I feel the same. I was so comfortable with the interviewers. But definitely second guessing how i answered. overanalyzing my interviewers expression now too this morning. but i feel as though people have a poor gauge of how they did especially in toronto. some people thought they did amazing and didnt get in and vice versa. we'll have to wait and be productive in the mean time (easier said than done lol).
  9. Hi, For those who have interviewed at toronto before/heard about it from friends, do you have any suggestions about how I should prepare for an interview coming up? I know its 4 stations x ~15 minutes. What are some general topics I should focus on? How would you go about prepping for the ethics portion? If this is posted elsewhere, I couldnt find it but I'm sorry for creating another post. Please direct me and I'll look there. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone! Does anybody have any doing right notes or know where I could find some posted online? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, Did people who were invited to feb 26 interview get a confirmation email yet telling them if they will be in the morning or afternoon slot?
  12. Does anyone know if the time they send out interview (like if they send it first batch or second batch) correlate to how you did on the written portion of the app? edit: not sure how mcat came into my brain when i made the title lol
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