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  1. Hello! I'm just wondering if anyone has an Anki deck they previously made for the CCFP exam? I used pre-made decks in med school which was great for exams, so was hoping to borrow an Anki deck from someone. I did see one from 2020 on Ankiweb, which I may use. Thank you
  2. I wish they made that more clear. Between this and the CMPA, how are they so bad at transitioning us to get our licenses? jeeez.
  3. For CPSO applications, there's a couple things that say "Requirements: Not received or Rejected. " , and all of them say No under the "Required for Registration Committee Review" line, so I haven't uploaded anything... but i got an email from the registration committee that was just initial assessment complete and in that message in the cpso portal, it said to finalize our application, certain credentialing items require action/remain outstanding. Was I suppose to upload things?
  4. I did the CMPA membership thing like last week or the week before (can't remember), haven't been charged yet. Where other people already charged or something?
  5. Cheapest? all those are free lol except notability which is 1 time payment (buying the app itself). Not sure about buying an external hard-drive for transferring files to an iPad, the wire that comes with it should work to transfer files from your computer to your iPad. No issues at all honestly.
  6. You just use iTunes to transfer files to the iPad, like pdfs and whatnot. Notability also lets you grab files from google drive or other cloud storage platforms, which is far more convenient. I also recommend the free version of PDF Expert on iOS, it was better than notability for annotating / highlighting / taking notes in textbooks. Premium literally does nothing more for me. I have a 128gb iPad, of which school stuff takes up ~2gb. If you put a lot of videos or movies maybe that would eat it up? but honestly, 64gb is fine, the 128gb I have is more than I'll ever use.
  7. You don't choose courses, you're given a schedule somewhere in August of lectures or small group sessions or whatnot. No one really has any idea what's happening because of COVID-19, the 1st-2nd years went entirely online for the remainder of their year after the pandemic really hit hard. All the best!
  8. All the best to everyone! It's an exciting but frightening day, but you'll get through this!
  9. Not sure, but I think either during orientation week or after it? Don't worry too much about it! Enjoy the rest of the summer, you'll spend plenty of time with your coursework once school starts! The first course, Intro to Medicine (ITM) is designed to get you back in the groove of things and adjusted to medical school.
  10. From your post history, looks like you got accepted to Schulich, congrats and welcome to the family! Some of the courses will have practice quizzes for you to do, those are generally pretty helpful in first year. There's also a pre-clerkship workbook that'll be sold sometime during the Blood course, it's the second one you do, first course is Intro to Medicine; that has some good questions as well to do. Other than that, you can use USMLE resources too. There's a significant overlap with the Canadian curriculum (especially by systems), and you can always skip the stuff that our cour
  11. No, CBME (Competency based medical education) is being implemented everywhere in the US & Canada - it's the new system that's "in" right now. The holistic approach to applicants to medical school is new and we'll see how it goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. That is pretty odd they don't ask about the SWOMEN status anymore in the Western app. Try contacting them to see what's up?
  13. From an M1 who's just a couple months ahead of you guys - all the best! I know it's a stressful night, it felt like the longest night last for me too. I guess that's a common feeling we'll all share. If there's one thing I can encourage you to do, it's to journal about this or write a future letter to yourself about what you're going through. Good or bad (trust me, I've been through 2 applications cycles) - you'll appreciate you did that and you'll back on it fondly. Best wishes!
  14. I wonder if living costs in Toronto make it even in the end
  15. That's such a fantastic way of putting it, I'm definitely gonna be saying that to people!
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