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  1. Perhaps that has been the experience in c2021. There are several of my classmates in c2020 who have brought forward instances of feeling unsafe, being exposed to possible COVID positive individuals and they did not feel heard by administration. Individual streams are contacting their respective clerkship directors saying that they feel there is a matter of public health safety (beyond personal safety) that is not being addressed with the current policies. In spite of this, clerkship directors are referring back to UGME, creating an endless loop of finger pointing.
  2. McMaster is keeping clerks also on their core rotations, in spite of students emailing admin and indicating we don't feel safe and Mac having pulled OT/PT/nursing students. No one seems to care at the admin level and no one is attempting to address our concerns about availability of PPE, undifferentiated emerg patients etc. Very disappointed in my program
  3. Update from a student who is scheduled to be one of the MMI assessors, we have not heard anything from the university regarding our own clerkship experiences in over a month, we keep being delayed as to hearing whether or not we will continue in our clinical exposure given COVID. We similarly have not heard how MMI will be formatted, but I want to assure any interviewees that most/many of your assessors are third years like myself who have just finished the CARMS tour. We totally get how nerve wracking this process is, and some people had to do telephone interviews for Memorial due to the
  4. For anyone else who might be interested, I created the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/274075416409014/ Feel free to add yourself and share it with anyone else! See you all in a few days
  5. I've had a few people also reach out to me through message, so maybe closer to O-week I'll make a FB group (if everyone has/uses fb) just so we know who's interested? Very glad to see others are going to be taking this on!
  6. I'm an incoming class of 2020 student, and I'm hoping to connect with other people in my class/or at Mac who are planning to write USMLE. Just looking for motivation/planning/logistics of sharing resources etc. I have access to many of the USMLE prep resources Sketchy/FA/Kaplan, that I'd be happy to share. Let me know if you're planning on doing the same!
  7. I'm wondering the same thing, though I'm a graduating 4th year. No mention of transcript. I may email and confirm with admissions
  8. Has anyone gotten any further information about the tuition deposit, or knows when they typically send out that information? Is it after the reply deadline? And does anyone know approximately how much it is?
  9. I think it's once per registered group. I wrote it once for American schools and once for OMSAS this cycle. If OMSAS and Dal are registered as separate entities with Casper, which it looks like they may be due to the difference in dates, you probably have to write twice.
  10. Thanks for answering all these questions. I'm personally really excited about this type of learning as it seems to mirror the courses I was most successful in during undergrad. I'm wondering about your thoughts on buying a car first year. I really want too, just for ease of driving home, groceries etc, and cost isn't an issue. My parents think I could probably wait a year but are leaving it up to me. What are your thoughts? I know I wouldn't drive to campus so I'm torn
  11. Time Stamp:12:00 PM Result: ACCEPTED 2BY: 3.95 MCAT: 517 (130/129/129/129) Interview went really well!! Will be giving up this acceptance. Good luck to whoever gets my spot
  12. Hamilton Campus Timestamp: 8:28 GPA: 3.95 VR: 129 IP - 4th year Interview: It went amazing Literally shaking so hard right now I can barely text my family
  13. I have my last exam tomorrow and then I'm moving out. But after that it'll be sitting at home for 10 days. My SO is going out of the country on a family vacation until the 9th, so it's going to be a lonely stressful couple of days haha. Hoping for good things for you!
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