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  1. Manitoba updated via the portal overnight but hasn’t set out emails yet.
  2. Idk why the link didn't work seems to be a quirk of the U of M website, but if you paste: umanitoba. ca/student/records/academicpolicychanges/ (minus the space of course) into your search bar you'll get there. Also, U of M has one of the more forgiving GPA systems out there (in my opinion) because it lets you drop only courses you did bad in rather than whole years which may have had both good and bad courses in them, so keep on trucking.
  3. The limited access policy is absolute garbage but I think you've got it a little bit confused. You are allowed to retake the course in the next 3 semesters, however you will be forced to register at a later date and pending space. I know a fail (or anything worse than C for preq purposes) is a big setback, but you won't necessarily have to put your whole program on hold because of this. Good luck! http://umanitoba.ca/student/records/academicpolicychanges/
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