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  1. UAlberta has decided NOT to remove clerks from clinical activities *Update* They have decided to remove clerks
  2. I finished the final year of my undergrad during preclerkship. It should be school dependent. I would be cautious of putting too much course load at the beginning of first year so you have time to adapt to med school and socialize, but honestly for me preclerkship was much easier than undergrad and I wouldn't be scared off from finishing your degrees if you're passionate about it. I would be much more cautious though if you intend to also work on it during clerkship.
  3. Sorry this doesn't answer your question, but could you tell us about how you studied and for how long for the Step 1?
  4. No, they gave it to me under the med students offer with 30k points. The first year no annual fee promo is 25k points, and the regular promo is 15k points. I also would not have reached anywhere close to the minimum income requirements to get it in any way but through the med offer.
  5. I got the RBC Avion Visa Infinite, the same one advertised with the project. It didn't need any negotiation, I just asked for it.
  6. No I do understand that the banks are offering these so I sign the LOC, but banks also make money off of the credit card, since they charge transaction fees to the place offering whatever service/product to me/you. I was also able to get the premium credit cards from RBC because I was a medical student, with the fees waived, even though my LOC is from another bank.
  7. Do you know if we can get just the credit card with Scotiabank and fees waived without the LOC?
  8. I was just completely honest and only put a sentence; I'm not sure if it matters much since I got in anyways. Something along the lines of "If I am not admitted this year, I will finish my undergraduate degree."
  9. Same here, also just getting the amex gold and keeping my other cards since they are better than the passport
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