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  1. Does anyone know if multiple MCAT tries are considered really bad? I took the MCAT three times - with upward trend in all four sections. Can anyone please please list some Canadian friendly schools that I have a good chance at with 128/124/130/131 MCAT score (third try)? GPA = 3.95.
  2. I think there are not a lot of people posting. If you look at the facebook group, it's increasing by a lot. Of course, that's not the best source but it's highly unlikely that they haven't called many waitlisters by now.
  3. Oh no, I meant for other Canadian med schools - to open up more of my options next year.
  4. Ottawa has definitely changed its game. Hello MCAT :'(
  5. Oh okay, thanks so much! So, if I got an interview invite, do you think I shouldn't worry about my references?
  6. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows when references are looked at. Would that be before or after interviews? I'm afraid my references weren't that great! But I did receive an interview and am currently waitlisted. Just wondering about what I should look further into next year!
  7. I got the same reply just recently. At least it confirms there is no bad waitlist. Thanks for sharing!
  8. That makes sense, thanks! But the number still seems a little high as compared to previous years. Oh well, we'll have to wait and see!
  9. Yes, I did account for those and the fact that there are english and french stream students added. It still seems like a high number. :/ Can people accept Ottawa spots and then withdraw once they get accepted to other Ontario schools?
  10. I was looking at the Facebook MD 2021 official group and it seems a lot more seats than I had imagined have been taken (excluding the admins etc...). Did ottawa over-accept or it's just unique to this year - that most people are accepting? Just curious, cuz I have nothing better to do lol.
  11. I completely agree! I think if most of us are concerned regarding the unjust amalgamation of bad and good-waitlist, we should voice our opinions to the admins in hopes that they will either revert back to the former protocol or assist in easing our anxiety in alternate ways. I genuinely thought that my sole interview at Ottawa was a congenial experience and I am utterly thankful for the invite. However, due to the lack of knowledge of my waitlist rank, I am downright confused about my next steps. I hope and truly wish that we all try to garner useful information about the reasoning behind
  12. If I had an option of applying to French stream, I would definitely apply to that one. However, your wGPA is great for English stream as well. One of my friends I prepared CASPer with had a 3.90 wGPA and got an interview. CASPer has been a game changer this year! GOOD LUCK, definitely apply!
  13. Being patient for four more days and hoping we all treat some patients one day <3 ~GOOD LUCK~
  14. LOL this took a 90 degree turn from discussing about Ottawa's interview to pros/cons of (online) dating. - An eager reader: looking forward to the upcoming posts.
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