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  1. I asked this when I applied. As long as the transcript is dated prior to the 31st you should be good. Of course things could have changed but that was what I was told last year.
  2. I kept the character count lower (more concise) for the non-medically related activities. I used more characters for the medically related activities so I could provide a little bit more of an explanation
  3. When I was looking into it, the person I was speaking to was a generalist and did not have much experience with med LOC (she kept on saying she needed to ask about things that the advisors from the other banks just knew). I also recall, that you only got their cards/benefits during med schools as opposed to throughout your residency. I also think you do not get a grace period Personally, I liked that the interest payments with Scotia just add back to the LOC (one less thing to worry about)
  4. I believe it would be 2 yr GPA (technically?) since I did COOP in my undergrad so they wanted grades for my four most recent full time terms of study (which were spread out over 2.5 years)
  5. Accepted OOP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 509 Essay: Felt ok/relatively good about it EC: health-related(ish) work experience, volunteering, a little bit of leadership Interview: Felt good leaving, but most seemed to feel the same so it was hard to know
  6. I think there was a Sunday (morning and afternoon) is NB as well. I am thinking the total is around 380 for across both days and campuses.
  7. I called last week then emailed when no one picked up. This is the answer I got "As our website states, end of January."
  8. O Only 1 of mine was contacted as well (that I know of that is)
  9. So when I called I got a voicemail saying "on" Jan 29th. But I got an email that says "during the week of January 29th".... Who knows
  10. I called on Friday and was told they will be coming on the 29th.
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