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  1. I asked this when I applied. As long as the transcript is dated prior to the 31st you should be good. Of course things could have changed but that was what I was told last year.
  2. I kept the character count lower (more concise) for the non-medically related activities. I used more characters for the medically related activities so I could provide a little bit more of an explanation
  3. When I was looking into it, the person I was speaking to was a generalist and did not have much experience with med LOC (she kept on saying she needed to ask about things that the advisors from the other banks just knew). I also recall, that you only got their cards/benefits during med schools as opposed to throughout your residency. I also think you do not get a grace period Personally, I liked that the interest payments with Scotia just add back to the LOC (one less thing to worry about)
  4. I believe it would be 2 yr GPA (technically?) since I did COOP in my undergrad so they wanted grades for my four most recent full time terms of study (which were spread out over 2.5 years)
  5. Accepted OOP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 509 Essay: Felt ok/relatively good about it EC: health-related(ish) work experience, volunteering, a little bit of leadership Interview: Felt good leaving, but most seemed to feel the same so it was hard to know
  6. I think there was a Sunday (morning and afternoon) is NB as well. I am thinking the total is around 380 for across both days and campuses.
  7. I called last week then emailed when no one picked up. This is the answer I got "As our website states, end of January."
  8. O Only 1 of mine was contacted as well (that I know of that is)
  9. So when I called I got a voicemail saying "on" Jan 29th. But I got an email that says "during the week of January 29th".... Who knows
  10. I called on Friday and was told they will be coming on the 29th.
  11. Western came out the 31st. Not sure when they posted the cut offs but they provided the cut offs in the rejection letter (in my case lol). Good luck!
  12. How are verifiers typically contacted? Phone or email?
  13. Hey! I received an email on Sunday with the subject line Queen's NetID Password is About to Expire -- Action Required asking me to change my password. I do not believe I ever received anything (NetID password or otherwise) from Queen's after submitting through OMSAS. Has anyone else received this mystery email or do you think it was sent in error?
  14. Congrats to everyone who got an invite! We are all one step closer:) I am from Ontario (Ottawa) and am looking for someone to practice MMI questions with over Skype (or in person). If anyone is interested let me know
  15. Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing MMI prep together over Skype? (not sure if that is a weird request lol)
  16. Called and was told the invites are going out early next week
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