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  1. Hmmm okay. Just asking because Scotia needs some sort of proof in order to fund the LoC, but not sure how this would work since fees are due before classes begin
  2. Does anyone know when we can get an enrolment letter/proof of enrolment? Maybe in the package sent in June ?
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone knows of a solid advisor for Scotiabank in the GTA area, preferably around Vaughan/North York. Send a DM if you know of anyone Thank you!
  4. You can call to be safe but based on the admissions website it should just be your year GPA. "*Note that courses taken in the academic year, during the proposed year of entry will not be included in the calculation of the applicant's cumulative GPA. Any offer of admission, however, will be contingent upon the successful applicant maintaining an annual GPA of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale) for the current academic year"
  5. I can't really comment on WL chances since I myself only got in this year. But historically the WL has always moved 20-30 spots and the bulk of the movement occurs once Med acceptances come out in May so I really just think its a matter of time. Of course you could always accept alternate offers to have a fallback if it lessens your worry.
  6. You'll get into UofT. The WL will move more in May once med and UWO acceptances come out lol
  7. Just want to echo this post! I had a 3.91 wGPA and 22/20 on the DAT and got accepted. Personally I think a 21/20 will be enough to get an interview since the DAT is apparently only worth 10%. You would have to have a higher interview score than others to compensate for the lower GPA, but I would definitely apply once before committing to a masters.
  8. Adding to the above, UofT sent acceptances a lot earlier this year. It makes sense more people would have accepted their offer initially because its the only offer they have so far.
  9. Talk to Admissions, I'm sure they're aware of the situation already and will be more lenient since its out of your control!
  10. Any courses this year have to be completed by the end of May (May 31), transcripts have to be sent by June 30.
  11. Have they added people to the group yet? Someone PM me the link if so
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