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  1. We use Examplify (application) that runs on laptops and iPads. However, when COVID started, we were only allowed to use our laptops since there was virtual proctoring using the laptop’s webcam and microphone. It is possible that they will continue to do so for the fall term, depending on how things play out. I would double check with admin. I’m pretty sure we received an email regarding technology requirements for testing prior to starting the school year, which detailed what devices would be compatible.
  2. I do have the Bose QC25 (the previous wired model) which work fairly well. But word of warning: the active noise cancellation technology will be great at eliminating constant (low frequency) noises but they will not filter out normal chatter. So if you’re going for complete silence, I sometimes like to throw in regular ear plugs and then put my noise cancelling headphones on top, which does a good job at filtering most of the environmental noise.
  3. Do you (or anyone else) know what a physiatrist's income is like if you DON'T do any insurance or procedural work? Like if you only worked inpatient rehab.
  4. I found (as with many of my colleagues) that we were constantly changing up how we studied - partly because we were trying to find new/effective/efficient methods and partly due to the changing nature of the content we had to learn each week (e.g. certain weeks were focused on several diseases while others would be focused on ethics and concepts, which all require different methods of studying) I have personally found myself gravitating towards 2 methods of note taking that would make my studying much easier: 1) summary document containing all of the big picture concepts (I couldn't
  5. Hello everyone! I am a first-time applicant to NOSM and I had a few questions regarding NOSM's interview format and some logistics. I understand that NOSM uses MMI's but I could not find anything on their website or on this forum regarding the number of stations, length, rest stations, location of prompts etc. If anyone has any previous experience with NOSM's MMI format, I would love to hear a bit more about the process so I can become a bit more familiar with it! Next, I have never been up to Thunder Bay before so I would like any recommendations for accommodations in the are
  6. A little late but thought I should add to the thread! Timestamp: 9:28am (Jan 10, 2018) Interview: Yes!! GPA: 3.91 Context: Lived in rural (but not Northern Ontario) town for most of my life ECs: President roles in a couple of student organizations, research (presentations, conferences, pubs in the works), hospital volunteer, patient intake volunteer in medical clinic, mentorship roles, etc. Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: Zero Interview Location/Date/Time: Thunder Bay Super excited to interview at NOSM and see the Thunder Bay campus!!
  7. Hey everyone, I apologize for my ignorance but I'm having some trouble determining my stats as an OOP applicant. Firstly, I have done a raw conversion from a 4.0 to 4.5 scale and averaged 4.22. I understand that the university drops your lowest courses based on the number of "credit hours" (https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8840.html) but I cannot seem to understand how these work. Could someone explain to me what one course is equivalent to in credit hours? Next, I browsed the stats for the 2020 class and it appears that OOP had 522+ MCAT scores. Is
  8. Same rejection email here. Time to get 'em next round! To those still waiting, it means there is still a chance for you! And huge congrats to those who have accepted their offers this cycle
  9. It does appear that the waitlist has moved a bit, but not nearly as much as expected. A friend of mine also got off the waitlist this past Wednesday (May 24)!
  10. Congratulations!! By letter, do you mean email? Also, have you heard of anyone else moving off the waitlist?
  11. I have yet to hear back as well. The struggle is real :'( If anyone reading this thread has any relevant/recent information regarding UofT waitlist (ex. numbers, movement, if anyone you know has gotten off the waitlist recently), it would be immensely helpful for all of us currently waiting if you could contribute to this thread!
  12. TIME STAMP: Mar 14 @ 4:37pm EST Interview Date: April 8 Result: Invite cGPA: 3.89, not eligible for reweighting (OMSAS) MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: conference presentation, 1 pub submitted, tutor, president of academic club, long-term research assistant (involved in several other studies), accessibility services mentor, medical first responder since first year, other exec positions Essays: Left them to the last minute, I felt good about it given the time I had (based my answers around the 4 clusters and CanMEDS framework) but I didn't have many others read over my answers.
  13. REGRETS Date Stamp: 24/01/2017- 4:22PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.89 Current year:3rd year UG ECs: conference presentation, 1 pub submitted, tutor, president of clubs, research assistant, accessibility services mentor, (too) many exec positions Casper: Thought it was okay.. didn't do that much practice Historically, Ottawa requires you to have a really good GPA for interviews so I didn't really expect anything. Good luck to everyone if you got an interview! If not, don't lose hope yet!
  14. (Wed Jan 18 @ 9:39am) Regrets GPA: 3.89 Casper: Didn't think it was too bad but didn't prepare much for it CARS: 126 IP 3rd year UG tbh I didn't have high hopes for this school given my stats.. good luck to everyone who got interviews and those who are still waiting!
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