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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on prep courses, and more specifically Prep 101's online prep course. I'm a 4th year Psychology BA student from UWO who is planning on writing the MCAT in August/Sept for the upcoming cycle. I've began review with the Kaplan books and have been making my way through the Bio and chem books while supplementing my knowledge with Anki cards that correspond to each chapter. I haven't taken Orgo, Biochem, or physics, but do have some background in bio and chem so this process is a little bit easier. Additionally, because I'm a psychology student, I have a pre
  2. So currently I'm in first year of undergrad (I know it's early) and was hoping to weigh out some of my options/alternatives if I don't end up getting in to Canadian schools within 1-3 cycles. Here's a little info about myself: -Currently @ Western -Majoring in Social Work, then hopefully get a MSW (1 year program @ western) -Volunteering in mental health + some other volunteer work -Will finish first year with roughly a 3.7 -Hoping to pursue psychiatry With this in mind, I'm hoping to get some more info on medical schools in Scandinavian countries (Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, e
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