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  1. They weren't very helpful lol they said to apply and they'll evaluate my transcript at that time. I ended up not applying.
  2. Ahh ca explique pourquoi je ne l'aurais pas vu lol merci
  3. Moi j'ai rien recu (dossier est encore a l'etude). C'est dans quel thread que tu as vu ca?
  4. Est-ce que tu sais si ca va être en avant-midi ou en après-midi? J'ai une entrevue pour med dent Dalhousie à 4pm (3pm heure du Québec)
  5. ULaval, mais mon premier choix est Dalhousie!
  6. Est-ce que ton Centre Étudiant indique encore "Dossier à l'étude" ou le statut a changé?
  7. J'ai déjà regarder et oui, il y a une clause de confidentialité concernant les questions dans le CASPer
  8. May be a silly question but are you guys going to use headphones or earphones, or only your computer speaker/mic?
  9. She probably has a bunch of emails to get back to. However, someone I know emailed her this weekend (Saturday I think) and Jo-Anne answered last night. Your email may have gotten lost in a bunch of other emails. You could ask for a confirmation in a few days if she hasn't answered you by that time?
  10. Yes, Jo-Anne confirmed that she had seen my email the next day around 6pm. She didn't say anything else though. I have not received anything concerning the date or any further details, just a confirmation.
  11. I don't know exactly how they will look at it but Jo-Anne told me they will assess it "competitively". This makes me think that they will not use it as a simple cut-off.
  12. Ohhh yeah I understand what you mean, it would not make sense to invite someone who has 0 chance post-interview.
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